How do you give CPR to a tiny lemur?

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Very carefully.

Here's a bit from today's "Today," chronicling the heroic rescue of a baby lemur at the Little Rock (Ark.) Zoo. Any parent will empathize with the lemur parents, named Todd & Pepper, shown on a patron's video clearly hysterical after their new child, named Houdini, has fallen into one of the zoo's moats and gone under. Then watch the zookeeper jump in and give the lil' critter CPR -- including mouth-to-mouth.

First: eeeuw! Then: awwwww!

What do you think: were Todd & Pepper negligent? Does Angelina Jolie or Madonna need to step in and adopt?

Better yet, since, as NBC reports, "ring-tailed lemurs can't swim -- and don't even like getting wet." ... why is there a water feature in their habitat?!

Update: The "Today" Twitter feed just announced: "Sad news. NBC affiliate KARK reporting that the baby lemur (featured on the show this am) has died. They believe it suffered from pneumonia." R.I.P., lil' guy.

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