Hail to the Chia!

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Obama merchandising is a spectator sport. We've seen the new president's likeness plastered on everything, so it was only a matter of time before the Obama Chia came along.

Yes, Obama's barbershop on the South Side certainly enjoyed its moment in the limelight, but now you, too, can give the commander-in-chief a trim. First, spread some gritty goo on the president's head. Then, dunk the leader of the free world in water. When his green fro comes in and starts looking a little 1972, buzz it back to "Yes we can!" levels and repeat.

The Obama Chia even comes in two different facial expressions. There's the Happy Obama and the Determined Obama ...

040209chia1.jpg 040209chia2.jpg

UPDATE: Doh! The makers of Chias have pulled this item from shelves and it's no longer for sale. According to this story, some buyers found the item racist. Discuss.

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