Earthlink service tanks on Earth Day

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Today of all days.

In the kind of ironic twist only fate can deliver with real panache, the Internet service provider Earthlink suffered a major outage today. On Earth Day.

Earthlink users have been unable to access e-mail or Web sites hosted by the company. No word yet on the cause of the problem. In fact, the company's homepage is down and its phone numbers are unresponsive.

The news first broke mid-morning, of course, on Twitter. "Wake-up call to EarthLink," writes meechybee. "You may need a Twitter page of your own. We need updates (and your phones aren't working)." Perhaps more irony: Earthlink hasn't updated its own Twitter page in nearly two years.

Earthlink is based in Atlanta and serves nearly 3 million subscribers in the United States.

What do you think: marvelous coincidence or devious conspiracy?

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