Don't just play like a rock star, play with one

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Hipster 1: What did you do on your vacation?
Hipster 2: Went to Hawaii. ... And wrote some songs with Glen Matlock and Wayne Kramer.
Hipster 1: (spit take!)

You could be Hipster No. 1. For a few thousand bucks, of course.

Yes, these days aging rockers don't just pimp themselves out for high-dollar coporate parties. Now they're whoring themselves out as exotic music dates. The Rock & Roll Experience allows you to fly to Honolulu and play real-live rock band with a few guitar (and drum, etc.) heroes.

The organized vacation, Oct. 7-11, is a fantasy camp for aspiring rockers. Wanna-bes of every experience level can bring their instruments and jam with members of the MC5 (Kramer), the Sex Pistols (Matlock), the Beach Boys (Al Jardine), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Steve Ferrone), Devo (Gerald V. Casale), David Bowie's band (Earl Slick), Blondie (Clem Burke) and more. There are private lessons and master classes, ending with a live concert -- yes, you on an actual stage with these guys.

"The Rock and Roll Experience is for musicians, by musicians, and inspired by the bands we love" says co-founder Zak Einstein. "All of the celebrity artists are on site for the duration, eating, drinking, and jamming with our guests. People will get to live their rock and roll dreams, play music with rock legends, and be treated like celebrities themselves."

The full five-day package is $7,999, or you can just play golf with the rockers and have a few drinks with them for a day for $2,499. Rock that recession!

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