Domino's Pizza: Sorry for these two idiots

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OK, so maybe by now you've seen this video of two dumbass employees of Domino's Pizza. A girl films her co-worker buddy making footlongs, and captures all the glory of him putting snot onto the cheese ("It's our special ingredient") and enhancing the sandwiches ("Let's fart on 'em!") ...

That was a few days ago. Today, we get this video from Patrick Doyle, the president of Domino's USA, apologizing for the incident and assuring us that the two dorks have not only been fired -- they have felony warrants out for their arrest! (Wow!) Plus, the now-infamous store in North Carolina has been shut down and sanitized.

Check the sighs and the look on this poor guy's face. How disgusted is he to have to be doing this ...

Love, too, how he thanks "members of the online community who quickly alerted us and allowed us to take immediate action." That's two incidences this week of a company's gaffe being caught within minutes and citizen-arrested by tweeters and bloggers! (Take that, Amazon!)

Of course, a good way to make us all forget about this would be to have another "glitch" that sends me a free pizza ...

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