Corn dogs? Onion rings? Deep frying? None of that is pizza!

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Ran across an interesting blog post at that has a list of "14 Pizzas to Die for."

Basically it's a look at 14 round abominations with loose association to pizza. Well, make that 13 abominations. For some reason a Chicago-style deep dish made it into the same list with things like:

The Snack Bomb: This pizza features french fries, sliced corn dogs, Doritos and KFC Popcorn Chicken ...

The Happy Meal: A wheel of nast that has McDonald's cheeseburgers, McNuggets and fries - and what appears to be a lot of ketchup ...

and The Corndog: Exactly what it sounds like - a pizza covered in whole corndogs. Yum.


Look, people, corndogs on pizza is not pizza. It's more like the reason this country is getting fatter by the second. But health concerns aside, it's also NASTY. Does that mean you have to live with just cheese, sausage or pepperoni? Of course not. But trying to figure out what toppings to order on the extra large for delivery shouldn't involve a trip to the vending machine.

It also shouldn't involve a deep-fat fryer.

Besides, if you really have to stoop to the basement pizza levels, there's always New York style.

Fourteen pizzas to die for? More like 13 pizzas somebody should be shot over.

That said, what's the most unusual pizza you've seen or eaten? Were you pleasantly surprised or predictably repulsed?

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