And the gay 'Top Gun' star is ... Kelly McGillis

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Of all the homoerotic theories and conspiracies about "Top Gun," It's Kelly McGillis - call sign "Charlie" - who ends up being the one to come out?

Seems that way.

The 51-year-old actress recorded a video blog interview with SheWired blogger Jennifer Corday in Florida and told her that "done with man thing. I've done that," when asked what her relationship status is and what she's into.

Of course, the next scenes after the interview show McGillis auctioning a date with herself off for some sort of charity and she's bought by a guy. So, oops.

Admit it, you expected something more along these lines when "Top Gun" and "gay" were mentioned in the same sentence ...

But that's just the latest in interesting career and life developments for the castmembers of "Top Gun." Val "Iceman" Kilmer has had some fun with divorce and is currently pursuing political ambitions in New Mexico. And, of course, couch-jumping enthusiast and Xenu-loving Scientologist Tom "Maverick" Cruise ...

... has turned himself into a sought-after actor and tabloid oddity.

Mother Goose, of course, remains dead.

Lessons learned here? "Top Gun" was WAY ahead of its time, you never ask your TAG REP and she never tells and you always stay out of another guy's jet wash.

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