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New Year's Eve in Longview, Texas

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I spent New Year's Eve in a Holiday Inn Express in Longview, Texas, watching Saturday Night Live on television, eating turkey and salami sandwiches I have brought with me from home and washing them down with Mountain Dew. How's that for a celebration.

The best town to spend New Year's Eve in is San Antonio. The Riverwalk is especially festive.

There is nothing to do in Longview. But it is better than Crowley, La., in Cajun country. One year, I met with Cajun people for dinner on New Year's Eve. I had to leave the party at 9 because I had to get up at 3 to drive to Beaumont, Texas, to meet some players. I got woke up by some shotguns going off outside my room at the Quality Inn in Crowley. They were celebrating the New Year. I haven't been back since.

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