Nation's top wide receivers

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This isn't the greatest crop of wide receivers I've ever evaluated. A Julio Jones, there isn't. But it is a very talented group with all of the top 10 ranking among the top 100 prospects in the nation. That speaks for itself.

1. Jarvis Landry of Lutcher, La., is a 6-0, 195-pounder with 4.52 speed who is committed to LSU. He ranks as the No. 30 player in the nation. He doesn't have great size but he has great movement skills and strong hands. He can create in the open field.

2. Kasen Williams of Sammamish, Wash., is a 6-1, 200-pounder with 4.6 speed who is committed to Washington. He is the No. 38 player in the nation. He is a three-time All-State selection and the most productive wide receiver in the country. He doesn't have blazing speed but he makes up for it with great hands and his ability to run precise routes.

3. George Farmer of Gardena, Calif., is a 6-3, 190-pounder with 4.4 speed who is rated as the No. 39 player in the nation. He probably is the most talented wide receiver of all, big and fast and exceptionally difficult to defend against because of his size and strength. Uncommitted, he is considering UCLA, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Miami, California and Stanford. His father played at UCLA.

4. Daryl Collins-Lindsey of Gadsden, Ala., is a 5-11, 204-pounder with 4l5 speed who is ranked as the No. 44 player in the nation. He has great leaping ability. He is short but has explosive speed, timing and anticipation. He is committed to Alabama.

5. Sammie Watkins of Fort Myers, Fla., is a 6-2, 181-pounder with 4.3 speed who is ranked as the No. 48 player in the nation. He has size and versatility and 10.6 speed for 100 meters. He is the brother of Florida freshman Jaylen Watkins. He is considering Florida, Miami, Michigan, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, South Florida and Tennessee.

6. Hakeem Flowers of Greenville, S.C., is a 6-2, 180-pounder with 4.4 speed who ranks as the No. 53 player in the nation. He is athletic, very fast and has good hands. But he needs to work on the weights. He is considering Florida State, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, UCLA, LSU, Miami, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Nebraska and Michigan State.

7. Charon Peake of Roebuck, S.C., is a 6-4, 190-pounder with 4.5 speed who is committed to Clemson. He is the No. 63 player in the nation. He is very athletic, tall and fast but not very strong.

8. Trey Metoyer of Whitehouse, Texas, is a 6-2, 185-pounder with 4.45 speed who is committed to Oklahoma. He is the top-rated receiver in Texas, a prolific pass-catcher who catches the ball in stride and has big-time speed. He is the No. 69 player in the nation.

9. Tobias Singleton of Madison, Miss., is a 6-1, 185-pounder with 4.4 speed who is one of two top players in Mississippi. An All-State selection as a junior, he averaged 20 yards per reception. He is the No. 71 player in the nation. He is considering UCLA, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

10. Kelvin Benjamin of Belle Glade, Fla., is a 6-5, 210-pounder with 4.55 speed who is rated as the No. 72 player in the nation. He is big and physical. Will he play tight end or wide receiver in college? It is very difficult to contain him because of his size, strength and surprising speed for a big guy. He is considering Miami, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, North Carolina State, South Florida, Tennessee, USC, Texas Tech and West Virginia.

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