How good is Kyle Bosch?

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You may not have heard about him but you will. Kyle Bosch is the leading prospect in the class of 2013, the best sophomore football player in Illinois. The 6-5, 260-pound offensive lineman from Wheaton St. Francis is the best sophomore lineman I've seen since Chance Carter. He has a chance to be a great player in three years.

But there's the rub. Chance Carter was a great prospect when I saw him as a sophomore at Loyola Academy. But he leveled off. He earned a scholarship to Northwestern and is showing signs of playing up to his early expectations. But he wasn't the great one as a senior in high school that we thought he would be.

Will Bosch heed that message? Will he ignore the hype and continue to improve?

Some longtime observers of high school football in the Chicago area have gone so far as to say that Bosch is the best young prospect since Howard Jones. Historians will recall that Jones was a three-time state sprint champion in the 100 and 220 at Evanston and was an All-Stater in 1970 and 1972. He missed the 1971 season because of injury. But he was a devastating running back, a 220-pounder with 9.5 speed for the 100. Evanston coach Murney Lazier said Jones was the best player he ever produced. Enough said.

Bosch has great size and three years to grow and improve his skills. But he must remember that he must improve every year or settle for just being a good player in three years. It is too early to talk about being the best player in years. He must get better each year.

I liked what I have seen on film on Bosch. He plays offensive and defensive tackle. He will be recruited as an offensive lineman. If he gets quicker, he could be a defensive lineman. He is very athletic for a kid who weighs 260 pounds. He certainly has the potential to be a great player. Let's talk about him in a year or two and see how he has progressed.

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