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If I was the Czar of college football, there are several things I would do to re-organize the recruiting process and restore some sanity and integrity in the game.

Because of all the embarrassment created by kids making early commitments, then de-committing and hopping from school to school, I would establish two signing periods -- Sept. 1 and the official signing day in February.

Then college coaches could concentrate on the uncommitted players and on their own teams. It also would cut down on badmouthing and trying to persuade kids to switch. As the system is now, it is a black eye in the face of college football and it desperately needs to be remedied.

In the last five years, college coaches have spent so much time just trying to get an edge on other coaches. Once a kid commits, other schools shouldn't be permitted to talk to them anymore.What is allowed to go on at this time is a scandal.

What about academics? It is a fraud in big-time college sports. In my travels from coast to coast, I have learned that some kids simply aren't ready for college. They can't even write their names or fill out a a simple questionnaire. But because they are great athletes, they are admitted to college.

Michael Oher is testimony to that story. The Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle should have gone to junior college to work on his grades but he was admitted to Ole Miss by taking a night course.

There isn't as much cheating going on in college football as there was 30 years ago, with alumni and coaches trying to get a break on the opposition. It isn't as bad as it used to be but it still goes on.

The NCAA only responds when it becomes public. They never go after anyone on their own. If I was the Czar, I would make certain that the NCAA had more policemen and investigators to go after the violators. Instead, the NCAA has a "if it isn't broke, don't fit it" or "see no evil, hear no evil" philosophy. As long as it isn't a big headline in the New York Times, it's OK. In the meantime, kids are still receiving handouts.

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