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I've scouted some recent games in the Chicago area and I've watched a lot of film. Here is what I've seen and what I know and who I recommend as Division I prospects. It is difficult to understand why some seniors aren't being more highly recruited than they are. But, after 31 years, I've learned that is the nature of the business.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Big 10 should be recruiting quarterbacks Miles Osei of Prospect and Jimmy Garoppolo of Rolling Meadows. I think Hinsdale Central's John Whitelaw is a big-time prospect, too, but he apparently got frustrated by the process and opted to commit to Yale. So who can argue that he didn't make a good decision?

Both Osei and Garoppolo have had good senior seasons. They have been very productive. They have major college arm strength, speed and athleticism. In my view, there is no good reason why they shouldn't be offered.

Go through NFL rosters and you'll find players who weren't recruited heavily. Overlooked seniors like Osei and Garoppolo should continue to persevere and something good will happen. They have the skills to make it at the next level.

Remember, Kurt Warner was a walkon at Northern Iowa and became a Super Bowl MVP. Drew Brees came out of Austin, Texas, and was turned down by everybody. But Jim Chaney, then the offensive coordinator at Purdue and now an assistant at Tennessee, took him mainly because they had lost other prospects on their priority list.

Brett Favre had no offers except for Southern Mississippi. They took him because he was running an option offense for his father, a high school coach.

What all of this says is recruiting isn't an exact science, particularly at quarterback. When you only bring in one quarterback a year, a lot of mistakes are made.

J.D. Barchard, Crystal Lake South's 6-3, 230-pound linebacker, is another overlooked and unappreciated senior. He should get a full ride somewhere. He has good size and makes a lot of plays. People just don't know about him. I've seen him on film and he stops everything up the middle. He has been credited with more than 100 tackles.

At Providence, the Plantz brothers, Tyler and Zac, sons of former Gordon Tech and Notre Dame star Ron Plantz, deserve some serious consideration. Tyler, a 5-11, 210-pound senior linebacker who gets lost playing with conference MVP Peter Houlihan, is headed for Army or the Ivy League. Zac, a 6-1, 205-pound junior linebacker, is bigger than is brother and likely will be a Division I recruit.

At Niles Notre Dame, the Burgos brothers, Julian and Jeremy, also deserve some recognition. Juian, a 5-9, 180-pound senior running back with 4.5 speed, is a MAC-type runner with power, speed and vision. Jeremy, a 6-1, 210-pound junior linebacker, will be among the top 30 players in the Chicago area in the class of 2011. If he works hard and gets bigger, stronger and faster over the summer, he figures to make it at the next level.

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I agree, but your overlooking some North West Suburb Stars. Such as Kapri Bibbs Plainfield North running back and Devonte. They worked hard and got Plainfield North for the first time in the play offs. 31ys in this arena you've got to know that something special has to be going on.

glenbrook south deserves more credit they have several stars who should be recognized like senior running back michael hirsh,senior quarterback michael pullano,senior safety alex garvey, and junior linebacker john strickland

Unfortunately there are a lot of good players out there who don't get the recognition they deserve. Either because of the league they play in or the reputation of the school as something less than a football power.

In my neck of the woods I see guys like Tyler Warden at Glenbard West...hopefully the playoffs will open some eyes and scholarship offers for him. Tim Hollowed is one of the better place kickers in the area and his team doesn't even put his stats in the paper! He will be a "find" for some college team.

Austin Teitsma doesn't get the recognition he deserves as a player for Glenbard South - playing offense and defense this year - even with injuries he has played well. He is getting D-1 looks though.

His team mates, Trace Wanless QB, Connor Douglas, WR DB and Nick Slezak WR,RB and LB have all had terrific years and are extremely competitive as well. They may be a bit too small for the Big Ten but there are MAC teams that could use each of them.

I know I have beaten the drum for these guys in the past. Hopefully someone will hear that drum and recruit these guys!

i'm sure the aforementioned qb's are good. having watched alot of DVC action mostly WHEATON SOUTH in the last few years i think naperville central qb NICK LINNE stands out as a very good, to excellent prospect. throws well, runs well, seems to use the grey matter well. he is a WINNER. could have been a good college player. 2,000 yds, 25 td's. chose BASEBALL instead, go figure. STILL THINK HE SHOULD GET HIS PROPS. next year we will add R. O"TOOLE to the list, he is a good one.

Speaking of Naperville Central, and Nick Linne, how about Cam Brate? He's not only one of the best tight ends in the Chicagoland area, he can catch and block, he goes both ways and he is a monster on D. He's got size, strength, and from what I understand is also getting offers from the ivy leagues.

Be sure to keep Reavis (Burbank) on your radar for 2010 and 2011. Sophomore dual-threat QB John Schallmo will be moving to varsity and has the speed, arm strength and field presence to get the job done. Also watch for RB Alex Morales (who'll be a senior next season) to put up some big rushing numbers. He has a natural speed and ability to move the ball every carry.

I also like this list. One addition should be Marist WR/DB Dan Piko. He has racked up over 1,000 yards and has 13 td’s so far. He also has 46 tackles and 4 interceptions. Those stats are up there with the best in the state. I believe he is extremely capable of playing wide out at a MAC school.

Good calls on both Osei and Garoppolo. Garopollo shows poise in the pocket and on the run, with great arm strength. Osei looks like a college option QB, while showing great vision. Recruiting is definitely a strange process, almost a popularity contest.

I agree with Scott C. There are several player's on Glenbard South that should be looked at. Trace Wanless is a tremendous quarterback, there is nothing that I can see that any quarterback in Chicago area has over him except he's 6'. He has an accurate rocket arm, he's fast and can run and has excellant football savey. Nick Slezak, Conner Douglas and of course Austin Teitsma are fantastic player's and hopefully will get some looks also. Glenbard South will surprise only the people who haven't seen them yet!!

Have to agree that Linne somehow got wickedly overlooked by football recruiters. He has had a great year. He plays faster than he looks. Hard to disagree with him taking the baseball scholarship with Northwestern given how little it appears he was recruited for football. And he will be going to college with his old basketball team mate, Drew Crawford.

I agree on Glenbard South QB Trace Wanless. Incredible ability for both run & pass. I have not seen many players like this guy. He can play anywhere on the field. Seems like a true winner all the way! GS Nick Slezak is also a solid player on both sides of the ball. They should go far in the playoffs.

Good call Mr. Lemming, and post by Dean sums it up; you're hitting the mark with Garoppolo and Osei. They've been longtime friends, I've played pickup games with them both on the field, and seeing them play for their HS teams reinforces they are big time Division I recruits.

Recruiting and analyzing talent is tough, but it seems you know what to look for in Garoppolo who is a great QB and overall football player, but even better student and kid.

CAM BRATE at NAPERVILLE CENTRAL very good choice. i have seen him play three times this year. he looks like he will get better and better. do not overlook him. he has the size and it looks like the hands to go along with smarts. he has decent speed and could be a good college player.

Thanks Tom for your comments on Julian and Jeremy Burgos. I hope schools take a good look at Julian and what he can offer for their program. He works hard on and off the field. He is also a great student and a great kid. Just ask Coach Hennessey about his dedication. His brother Jeremy has the same work ethic. During the offseason they were inseparable as they worked hard to get ready for the season and it showed with their play on the field.

There has been a good amount of discussion on recruting prospects. Glenbard North has been underated this season. They have recorded 7 defensive shuts 2 of which were in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. With the exception of the Wheaton Warrenville South loss they destroy their opposing teams offense. They are led by Unanimous DVC All Conference lineman of the year the Nick Abbate. Linebackers John Pullia and Chris Wahrman. Corner Brandon Salemi. Much of their success has been a result of this stingy defense.

I just read the post about GBN. They have a very impressive defense with a lot of talent. One player that stands out and is overlooked is Nick Abbate SR, DE and TE who is 6'2" 220 LBS. (60 tackles, 7 sacks and 15 tackles for a loss). He has been able to get to the quarterbacks to disrupt the opposing offense. He also has the quickness to prevent running the ball outside and forcing the action to the middle where he along with the rest of the defensive line are able to make the tackles. Maybe the deeper GBN goes in the playoffs he will have a better chance of getting noticed. He has the talent to contiue playing in college and would be a big asset to any team.

MSL west has some players also. Patrick Derbak a linebacker from Schaumburg has been a starter for 3 years. Jamie Szafranski a db for Fremd also a 3 yr. starter. Cody Bobbit should be looked at as an athlete.

Woodstock just beat Glenbard South tonight 44-35. While the GBN 6 foot tall QB was quite impressive in the game, a player to watch from Woodstock is Scott Rausch - wide receiver and kicker. Amazingly talented kid (you should hear him sing!!)and a real standout this year on the Woodstock Blue Streak football team (his 90 yard touchdown return was fabulous!). Great game tonight between two wonderful football teams!

Take a look at DL Vince Maida From Marist. He typically beats out bigger guys like Fremd's Lombard for example. He's 6'3" or 6'4" 220-230lbs.DI camps sang his praises for footwork,rushing and speed all summer.Received DII offer, but would be great asset in MAC and even DI if these DI programs would look at more than size!

well deffinetly john strickland from glenbrook south will be a huge threat on the offensive and defensive side of the ball joined by kyle kwasnewski in the backfield. dont forget souths returning lbs strickland of course and his best friend andy legge are expected to do big things next season

The Woodstock and Glenbard South game was something to see. Trace Wanless from GS is one tough football player. What a incredible performance with the injuries they had. Wanless could barly walk and lead a comeback to be remembered. Thank God For Woodstock the Glenbard South coaches had no clue..... Terrific game by both teams!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS: Nick Abbate 8A All-state DE (DVC)!!!

Watch Scott Kuehn, #5, WR, K/P, Waubonsie Valley

Last season as Slot WR in Spread Offense: 61 catches, 687 yards, 9 TDs; All State Special Mention and variety of All Area/Conference awards

This season as Outside WR in Option Offense: 32 catches, 512 yards, 7 TDs: various All Area/Conference awards. regularly saw double teams or safeties cheating.

Also took over K/P duties for nationally ranked Mitch Ewald .. did very well there, with kickoffs regularly going 65-75 yards .. see highlights.

Here are links to highlights on Youtube:

Senior WR ..

Senior K/P ..

Junior WR ..

He is 6'0" and 190 lbs. Been officially timed at combines 5 times betweem 4.54 and 4.68, and shuttles between 4.10 and 4.40. Incredible work ethic and drive.

FBU Trainer and former NFL PR Bowler WR Andre Rison had him for 2 full days at FBU last summer and later listed him as one of the Top 25 most under-rated WR's in the country.

The is a kid at Walther Lutheran named Sean Cotton and he is the QB and SS for the school. I am suprise no one is talking about him. He is 6'2 and runs a 4.5 40 time and can throw the ball 70 yard in the air with accuracy to a 6'5 TE. The kid Sean should get some looks locally here. Northwestern has contact him for his atlethic abilities along and he could be in the same class as Prater. This past season he threw for 1,600 and ran for 600.His school did not play in a conference this past season but will be in one in 2010.

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