What makes an All-American?

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It is frequently debated what should be the criteria for selecting an All-America football player, an All-Stater, an All-Chicago Area player, a Player of the Year.

Surely, it takes more than statistics...passing yardage, rushing yardage, receptions, receiving yardage, touchdowns, tackles, interceptions, sacks.

In my view, the key item in separating one player from another should be production, the guys who have the best years statistically. But competition counts for something. It means you are playing against better teams. Wins and losses shouldn't be of paramount importance but helping a team to have a successful season counts for something, too.

In the end, the easiest way to determine an all-star is if he is a dominant player.

You know a dominant player when you see one. Dick Butkus was a dominant player. Get the picture? Some guys dominate. They are easy to pick because they dominate their opponents on every play. They stand out. You can't miss them. They don't take any plays off. They're the ones you talk about on the way home from a game.

Dominance is the key word. If you are a high school all-star, you should be a dominating player. You have presence on the field. If you are an all-star, you have to play like one. Great players play with chips on their shoulders. They have an ego, cockiness, a nasty streak, a fear of not succeeding, athletic ability and confidence. A combination of all of those things makes a great player.

A lot of overachievers, kids who are 5-8 and 175 pounds, make All-Area or All-State through determination and perseverance.

The better you play in big games, the conference championship or the state playoffs, the more likely you will be an all-star because those are the games that people remember. And if you want to be remembered, you must rise to the occasion and play like an All-Stater in those games.

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matt perez is insane. nuff said

Dan Piko, WR/DB Marist.

Eujean Johnson WR/DB, dominant for Perspectives

I thought Joe Benz of Joliet Catholic and Charlie Goro of Maine South were exciting to watch play high school football, But Matt Perez is on whole nother level. You can't read about him, you have go and see him play.

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