Out of Luc?

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It is the time of year when Internet fanatics who cheer for one school or another scan the top 100 lists of Tom Lemming, Randy Taylor, Rivals, Scout, ESPNU and anyone else who evaluates high school players from coast to coast and make comparisons.Who do they believe? Who rates their alma mater's recruits the highest?

It's all very subjective, not a perfect science. Every year, somebody rates a player in the top 10 while somebody else doesn't even rate him in the top 100.

So it's always fun to see who is right and who is wrong.

One to watch this year is Jeff Luc, a 6-1, 230-pound linebacker from Port St. Lucie, Fla.

I rate Luc as the No. 88 player in the nation. But he is No. 4 according to Randy Taylor of National Collegiate Scouting Association, No. 5 by ESPNU and No. 10 by Rivals.

In fact, Taylor said Luc is the best linebacker in the class of 2010, a physical player who compares favorably to Dick Butkus and Ray Nitschke. Wow.

I think Luc is stiff. He plays weak competition. Yes, he is a hard hitter on Youtube but I'm not sold on him because he dominates against weak competition. How good will he be against strong competition? Well, Peyton Manning and Herschel Walker dominated against weak competition in high school and it didn't bother them.

Luc is big and thick and may have reached his limit. He is great at promoting himself. He has committed to play in the ESPNU all-star game in January so it is understandable that ESPNU is touting him as one of the top five players in the country.

But I believe he is stiff. He isn't a mobile guy. He doesn't break down in space. In time, we'll see how good he really is.

Remember Myron Rolle? Four years ago, he was ESPNU's No. 1 player. But he still hasn't made a tackle at Florida State. At that time, my top five players were Chris "Beanie" Wells, Mitch Mustain, Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Andre Smith. Three of them were NFL first-round picks as juniors. If Rolle had come out, he wouldn't have been selected in the first three rounds.

Another player to watch is quarterback Peter Thomas of El Cajon, Calif. He is No. 85 on my top 100 list. He had only one scholarship offer in June, from Arizona State, where he is going. I think he is one of the biggest sleepers of the year.

Thomas is a 6-5, 215-pounder who wasn't offered by other schools because it was reported that he didn't have good arm strength. I was sold on him because he is tall, smart, athletic, had good production and in my view had good enough arm strength to make it at the next level.

I was surprised that he didn't have more offers. I am the only analyst to rate him in the top 100. But I don't evaluate kids according to the number of offers they have while others do. By next November, we'll all know if I was right or wrong.

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Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself? Using Myron Rolle and player rankings from 4 years ago somehow proves...that Luc is overrated and stiff. How? You're essentially saying that because the other recruiting sites were wrong about a player or two FOUR YEARS AGO, that means they are wrong about Luc. Terrific logic.

You provide no insight and just simply state, "I think he is stiff"....ummm, why? Because he must be because of the way he looks? Can you provide any actual football insight/analysis as to why you think he's stiff? Seriously, a ten year old could look at this LB prospect and claim him to be stiff just because of his physical appearance, and you have done exactly the same.

Why does he have the best offer list in the country? Oh because he's a great "self-promoter"...are you kidding me this crap?

You've covered all your bases here....in a very elementary way. Can't believe that you think you actually have something here.

Jeff Luk is Haitian, so his name is pronounced "Lūk" not Lŭk... as your title suggests. And why even write this just to bash a high school kid who is a tremendous player in argueably the best state for highschool football? The only real logic here it to try to throw something out there to try to toot your horn. Kinda lame, don't you think, for a grown man.

Let's be objective here. Tom's role is to evaluate players and that's what he's done here. That's what he does for a living just like ESPNU and RIVALS and SCOUT analysts do. They evaluate high school players. They critique them.

Tom's been doing this longer than many of you have been alive. He has a track record that has many hits while having misses to boot. This isn't a science so no one is going to be 100%.

Could Tom be wrong about Jeff Luc? Sure. Only time will tell. But why are some of you popping off about him giving his opinion on his blog site? Isn't that what he's PAID to do?

Maybe some of you need to grow up. This isn't a life or death situation. It's just HS football!

I have also wondered if Luc may just have spent to much time with the weights, no doubt he is strong, but he will need to lay off those weights and start working on his speed, or he could be grasping at air when trying to make a tackle.

Who is acting like this is life or death???? We are just commenting on Tom's article. How does our disagreement constitute as acting immature?

You are correct... his job is to evaluate players, but it is also to do so fairly and without bias. And yes his reputation does speak for itself. I'm not trying to bash on Tom or anything, but just looking at what he said doesn't really seem like much of an evaluation. From reading this you would think that he has never once watched Luc play (which I will assume to be true since he gives no evidence to believe otherwise). And calling Luc's competition week is a bit much in my opinion.

If Luc was a Notre Dame commitment you'd be calling him the next Ray Lewis. Sorry that he's coming to Knoxville Tom.

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