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As a recruiting analyst for college football, I'm often caught between a rock and a hard place. Fans and alumni either love me or hate me, depending on how I rank their school's recruiting classes or evaluate their top prospects.

If you tell the truth and it isn't perceived as a positive viewpoint by the coaches--for example, they don't like my evaluation because I say they aren't doing well or aren't recruiting the right kids or aren't recruiting kids the right way--they will cancel their subscriptions to my magazine.

Over the last 30 years, Notre Dame and every Big Ten school has canceled my publication at one time or other as a protest to what I have written or said in the Chicago Sun-Times.

I said one school was cheating and not recruiting in a correct fashion and the fans and coaches came down on me like a house of bricks. But I was right. The school eventually was placed on probation by the NCAA for cheating.

When I began evaluating kids in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the old Southwest Conference was like a wild west show. Kids had their hands out. Deals were being brokered all over Texas. I said so. Conference schools went ballistic.

People get upset over my rankings of the recruiting classes in February. They love me or hate me, depending on where their schools are rated. But the reality is most of the time my rankings don't differ much from Rivals or Scout or ESPN.

The fact is 1 percent of the fans at every school live in another world. It isn't reality. They don't have much of a life. Like Star Trek fans, their lives revolve around recruiting and the Internet.

They aren't objective. They are only cheerleaders. They also are anonymous, which gives them the ability to be obnoxious. They can say anything, no matter how inaccurate or inflammatory it is, and they can get away with it.

But it hasn't affected the way I have done business over the last 30 years. I don't even have an e-mail address or a website. I'll just keep telling the truth about recruiting as I see it. I can live with that.

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Keep doing exactly what you are doing ... you are helping kids get noticed, helping them find the right colleges, and helping hold colleges accountable. If there are issues at a college, the kid and parents should know. Our high school had a kid go D-I on full ride this past fall .. he was all fired up, our high school was all fired up .. now his college just got placed on probation.

Why can't the Chicago public league schools compete with the Suburban or Catholic High School. For example, I watched Robeson High School demolish the competition of the inner city. When they ran into Rochelle who was 6-4 they got crushed. This appears to be the norm. I've watched this phenomenon for the last 30 years, and it appears that the inner city's football programs are inferior. Thanks for your time.

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