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In more than 30 years of traveling the country to evaluate high school talent and meeting college recruiters, Michigan is the college I have enjoyed dealing with the most and Texas Tech's Mike Leach is the coach I have found to be the most fascinating.

I have enjoyed my relationship with Michigan because of the presence of Lloyd Carr, a good friend who was always there. He rejoined Bo Schembechler's staff in 1979 after serving on Gary Moeller's ill-fated regime at Illinois.

We had a wonderful relationship when he was head coach. He had a lot of integrity. He was honest and trusting. You felt comfortable talking with him and sharing information. He even wrote the forward to my book, "Football's Second Season."

Leach is a unique person, a Mormon whom Brigham Young University (BYU) wasn't interested in hiring as head coach a couple of years ago. He is not only a smart coach, he is a lawyer.

I spent two days with him in Lubbock, Texas, in the summer of 2007. I never was bored. He was fascinating, personable, a good guy. He can talk with a level of expertise on any subject from UFOs to JFK to history to television to sports.

His whole life isn't dominated by football even though he is the most innovative offensive mind in the game right now.

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