Goro starting to get respect

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I know I shouldn't say I told you so but I told you so, didn't I? Back in the spring when other quarterbacks were being offered scholarships and Maine South quarterback Charlie Goro was being ignored, I said he was a big-time prospect. I said I couldn't understand why major college programs weren't giving him any respect. But I said his time would come. Well, now he is beginning to get respect from college recruiters.

Goro has received recent scholarship offers from Illinois and Vanderbilt. That's Big Ten and SEC. That's big-time. Look for the 6-3,190-pound senior to get more. If he waits until after the 2008 season--Maine South figures to rank among the top five teams in the Chicago area in the preseason--he should attract more attention and more offers.

I am surprised that it took schools this long to make offers. All along, I said he was a Division I prospect. But it takes time. He has the ability to throw on the run, he has pinpoint accuracy and he takes command. He is a natural quarterback.

Why did it take so long? Some schools were reluctant because there are questions about the spread offense that he runs. Northwestern liked Evan Watkins' size and Wisconsin liked Jon Budmayr's arm strength.

But this isn't late. It is still early. The season hasn't begun. Players have until February to make a decision. Not enough colleges are looking at kids in the Chicago area. And some high school coaches don't do a good job of promoting their players. If a kid is good enough and he has patience, chances are good things will happen in the recruiting process.

Goro would be a perfect fit for Illinois or Vanderbilt. The rest of the Big Ten took a pass on him but they have quarterbacks. Look for Utah, Missouri and Kansas, other big-time programs that run spread offenses, to look at him.

It's hard to imagine why college recruiters wouldn't have Goro on their radar. He has size and quickness and athleticism. He plays for one of the leading programs in the state. Production? Last year, he completed 75 percent of his passes for more than 2,700 yards and 26 touchdowns.

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