The loneliest time of the year

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The month of July is the slowest month of the year for football recruiting. It is time when the fewest number of players choose to commit.

Why? Because most camps are over by July 4 and college coaches go on vacation for a month. Players make unofficial visits but the head coaches aren't on campus. In most cases, kids make early commitments during camps in June or in August before the school year begins. There is no pressure in July.

But this is a month of opportunity. This is a month where kids who haven't received scholarship offers should go to schools with film and make sure someone on the staff is aware of him. Someone always is on duty.

It is a good time for kids who didn't get offers in June to hit the road with their parents with a purpose in mind. If you haven't receive an offer from a Big Ten school, go to MAC schools or Illinois State or Eastern Illinois or Western Illinois.

There still is a chance that you can obtain financial aid. There are a lot of good high school players who haven't received any offers. They need to make the colleges familiar with them. The fact they haven't been offered isn't necessarily because they aren't as good as they think they are. It is a matter of finding the right fit.

Remember, in 1986, a record 141 kids got offers. But there are fewer now because fewer colleges come into recruit in Illinois because of the large number of early commitments.

Don't get discouraged. Have a goal. Form a game plan for the rest of the summer. Make unofficial visits, let them see film, go to a school and let them see you in person. It takes time but it is worthwhile. Like Clint Eastwood said: "A man has to know his limitations." What are your limitations?

It is OK to think you can go big-time, that you can play in the Big Ten, but have a Plan B where you also can have a good career. If a big school didn't come after you before July 1, the chances are good that they won't. They have conducted their own camps and they know who they want. So you have to look elsewhere.

The trick is to choose a school where you fit in, where you can play, get a good education and enjoy your college experience.

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Another great article and much needed.

I especially appreciate the comment on finding the right fit for an athelete. It is also important to speak with the position coach and head coach for both parents and players alike. It is important to get a good feel for who you will hand your son or daughter off to for 4 years.

You have an awesome site!

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