Kevin White gets his props

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In my opinion, Kevin White was the best athletic director that Notre Dame has ever had. But I'm not surprised that he was pushed out of South Bend and has moved on to Duke.

Notre Dame has a history of infighting between the administration and rich, powerful alumni. White didn't cater to the alumni, who wanted to run things.

But White turned Notre Dame into a first-class athletic program off the field.

First, in the last three years, he oversaw the building of top-notch facilities that are as good as any school in the nation.

Second, he also made sure that assistant coaches were paid as well as others at other major programs throughout the country. That wasn't the case in the pre-White era.

In the last 20 years, many assistant coaches told me that they wouldn't accept a position at Notre Dame beause the school was so cheap.

Notre Dame was living in the past, on their rich tradition of Rockne, Leahy, Parseghian and Holtz, until White brought them into the new millenium.

A good bet to succeed White is Bubba Cunningham, currently the athletic director at Tulsa. Cunningham is a Notre Dame alum who once served as an assistant athletic director in South Bend. He went to Ball State, then to Tulsa to be groomed for the Irish job. Now he's ready.

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