The skinny on Melvin Fellows

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The bloggers who touted Melvin Fellows as a great college prospect after he committed to Illinois might be playing a different tune now that the 6-5, 260-pound defensive end from Garfield Heights, Ohio, has changed his mind and decided to commit to Ohio State.

I saw Fellows on film. I didn't think he was so great and said so. Wow, some bloggers jumped all over my case. But Fellows reminded me of Michigan's Shawn Crable...same build, not as quick, not a dominating player.

One scouting service in Ohio rated Fellows as the No. 1 player in the state and a lot of bloggers accepted that information as gospel.

Well, there is no doubt in my mind--and the Ohio State coaching staff--that the two best players in Ohio are defensive tackle John Simon of Youngstown and offensive tackle Marcus Hall of Cleveland, who both have committed to Ohio State.

At his impressive size, Fellows looks the part. He passes the eyeball test. And he plays well. But he isn't a dominating player yet. He doesn't do what Simon and Hall do. He committed to the first school that offered him, then changed his mind. He could change his mind again.

I didn't rank Fellows in my early listing of the top 100 juniors in the nation because I felt that, even though he has the body to be a top 100 player, he hasn't played like one. I felt the same about Montini's Garrett Goebel (Ohio State) and Marian Central's Sean Cwynar (Notre Dame) last year. To their credit, they came on at the end of the season to earn spots among the top 100;

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