So you think Charlie Weis has it bad?

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This is Nick Saban's first year at Alabama, the hallowed ground of Bear Bryant, and if you think the Crimson Tide faithful are happy with what is going on in Tuscaloosa...well, Notre Dame's Charlie Weis never had it so good.

In the wake of last Saturday's stunning loss to Louisiana-Monroe, Alabama is 6-5 and looking ahead to this week's annual showdown with state rival Auburn without much reason for optimism.

I watched the game last Saturday and, like Notre Dame, Alabama hasn't got much talent. No go-to players, no stars on defense, no quarterback. Saban's team is still looking for an identity.

Like Weis, Saban is recruiting very well. In two years, I predict Alabama will be a BCS team. But that is then and this is now. Alabama fans are getting restless. They are impatient, like Notre Dame fans.

I was the guest speaker at the Alabama Touchdown Club luncheon on Monday in Birmingham. Everyone was in shock. There was a lot of grumbling from fans who liken Louisiana-Monroe to Appalachian State, a lot of jokes about the struggling program, a lot of disappointment that Alabama isn't making an impact.

"How can you say there isn't enough talent (on the Alabama roster) when there isn't anyone at Louisiana-Monroe that we would have recruited?" one old-time alum asked.

And how about this for a door prize? An Alabama fan who can't miss the Auburn game but doesn't want to be seen was presented with a mask topped by a Bear Bryant-like hound's-tooth hat.

At least somebody in Alabama still has a sense of humor.

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