Goebel vs. Cwynar? A standoff

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It was too good a matchup to pass up. Marian Central's Notre Dame-bound Sean Cwynar vs. Montini's Ohio State-bound Garrett Goebel, two of the three best linemen in the state going head-to-head on Friday night in Woodstock.

There has been a lot of hoopla written about the two on recruiting Websites. One service rates Goebel No. 2 in the state behind Mount Carmel linebacker Steve Filer with Cwynar rated No. 4 behind St. Rita defensive end Darius Fleming.

So who is better? One game doesn't make a season. But on Friday, I was disappointed. Neither one stood out. Neither one made a difference on defense. I have seen their film and I expected more.

Both are big-time Division I playeers. They have great size and quick feet. I suppose there was pressure on both, particularly on Cwynar because Marian Central's starting quarterback was injured and coach Ed Brucker was forced to use a wide receiver to fill the void.

Offensively, both did their jobs. Both have been recruited to play defense in college but I think both are better on offense. On Friday, they both did a good job of run and pass blocking and didn't allow a sack. They have potential to be All-America guards in college.

In the Suburban Catholic, which hardly compares to the Catholic League Blue or DuPage Valley, Goebel and Cwynar should be dominating players on defense--but they weren't on Friday night. Playing in 80-degree heat, they both seemed to be conserving energy while playing both ways. In the first half, Cwynar made two tackles, Goebel one. Neither rushed the quarterback, which they should be able to do in this competition. Both were single-blocked most of the time.

In fact, Montini's Northwestern-bound Chuck Porcelli did a good job against Cwynar, who couldn't do anything against him. Porcelli gave Cwynar more trouble than Goebel.

The best player on the field, in my view, was Montini's Wisconsin-bound Dex Jones, who stood out as a running back and linebacker. He is very athletic, aggressive and makes a lot of plays. He was doing what Goebel and Cwynar should have been doing.

Another player of note is Cody O'Neil, Marian Central's junior offensive lineman. He plays hard and will be an offensive lineman in college. He isn't quick enough yet to play defense. He isn't a dominating player at this point but he has good potential.

At the moment, I still rate Fleming and Filer as the two best players in the state. But which is No. 1 is too close to call. The No. 3 spot will go to Goebel, Cwynar or Illinois-bound offensive lineman Graham Pocic of Lemont. I'll reserve judgment until the end of the season, after I see them a couple of more times. But I am leaning to Pocic, a 6-7, 310-pounder with great feet and improved quickness who is productive on offense and defense. He will be an offensive tackle in college.

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I will be the first to admit it is impossible for me to be completely "objective" about Cwynar vs. Goebel (Due to my relationship with Goebel). However besides being at this game I've reviewed the game film twice, in its entirety so I MUST correct a couple statements you've made. First off, Goebel was credited with a QB sack, and several QB hurries despite being doubled teamed THE ENTIRE 2ND HALF. He also had (3)three tackles for a loss. Cwynar ONLY PLAYED BOTH WAYS EARLY INTO 2ND QTR. After that he ONLY PLAYED OFF.Tackle for the last three Qtrs.
Hard to compare interior linemen when one plays 40% more of the entire game!! MCC was forced to adjust offensive line pass blocking vs. Goebel in 2nd half which allowed Montini's other DT & DE to earn QB sacks. Hopefully in the playoffs there can be a fairer comparison. Goebel btw was credited with seven tackles YET the announcer at Marian NEVER MENTIONED Goebel's name instead crediting some Montini players who were not even on the field!!
Several people commented on how "odd" this was. No odder than the officiating in my opinion!!!

I agree with your assessment, neither player stood out. We didn't see Cwynar much on D in the 2nd half, but he held his own at OT. Despite the above post, I saw Goebel being blocked 1 on 1 most of the time and I thought Marian's 165 lb fullback TJ Pappas did a good job when matched up against him. Overall, a very disappointing performance as both players looked to be a little out of shape. I also wonder if Mr. Goebel is going to correct his son's stats or respond to critics every time it happens at OSU, as he did above. Don't worry about it so much...the kid is going to be a heck of a player. As long as you, his coaches and his teammates think that, that is all that matters.

First, I will have to agree with you about Cody O'Neil. This kid has the stuff to make it, he can only get better with more work and conditioning. The thing I like about him is that he is a totall team player, the team alway's come's first.
I don't think you have to worry about the announcer not mentioning Garrett's name, I'm sure it was not intensional. Garrett played a good game and he will do well in college. When he came off the feild I congradulated him and he responded like a true gentleman with class. You did a good job raising him and that is what really counts, again good job!
I would have to agree with your comment that neither player stood out really that much. In my opinion Goebel played better than Cwynar because he was out there on offence and defence. It's hard to compare them head up when both of them are not out there all the time. I also didn't see that much double team against Goebel, but I could be wrong I don't have axis to game film. The one thing I did see was Pappas doing a good job against him. Jourdan Peart, the tight end, also had a nice drive block against him in the second half.
I can't wait for the playoff game, lets hope the IHSA gets the seating wright so they will meet in the semifinal where it should be. I bet this game will be played a little different on the Marian side of the ball.
Marian backer!
Mr. T

Tom, You have over looked Waubonsie Valley's All Senior O line! The Offense has scored an average of 28 points per game. When a team shuts down our target we use another. Running, passing they are complete! Last week they came back after 2 int and down 13 in the first to rally back to win 55 to 13! 425 yards rushing. A big part of that is senior OT AJ lindeman 6ft6 315lbs. Who has been over looked as a division 1 prospect. No one has shut him down this year no sacks given up on his side of the line. His run blocking is the best in the state. Take a look at the best look at Waubonsie Valley OT AJ Lindeman. Look at WV against NV And their D 1 OT we shut him down WV won 10 to 6.


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