Drummond, Goro lead Class of 2009

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I attended the Wheaton North/Morgan Park and New Trier/Maine South playoff games last weekend and came away very impressed with four juniors--Morgan Park defensive end Craig Drummond, Maine South quarterback Charlie Goro and running backs Mike Trumpy of Wheaton North and Dominique Bell of Morgan Park.

In fact, I believe Drummond or Goro will be the No. 1 player in the Chicago area next year.

Drummond, a 6-5, 240-pounder, comes off the ball with burst and strength. He is exceptionally quick for a big guy. He is relentless, has good body control and good lateral movement and pursues well. And he never takes a play off.

He could rank ahead of Goro because defensive ends are harder to find than quarterbacks. Big guys who are very athletic and productive, like Drummond, are hard to find. He has the look of Richard Dent, the former Bears All-NFL defensive end, with high cut legs and long arms. He looks like he will weigh 270-280 pounds in the next two years.

Goro, a 6-3, 182-pounder, has completed 75 percent of his passes this season. He surprised me with his arm strength. He is the total package. He has size, throws the deep out pass with authority, isn't afraid to throw over the middle and demonstrates great poise, confidence and leadership qualities. He could be the best quarterback to come out of the Chicago area in the last 10 years. He is more polished that Demetrius Jones (Morgan Park) and Juice Williams (Vocational).

He is a high school version of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I was surprised at his running ability and ability to bide his time to find open receivers. He doesn't worry about pressure. As far as college is concerned, he needs to find an offense that will work around his talents, rather than fit into another system.

Trumpy, the nephew of former Illinois and NFL player Bob Trumpy, was stopped cold by a Morgan Park defense that was geared to contain him. But I think he will be one of the most recruited running backs in the Midwest as a senior. Even in defeat, he looked like a big-time running back with good speed and burst. He is fast, tough and bigger than former Wheaton Warrenville South star Dan Dierking.

Bell, a 6-0, 200-pounder, showed more speed than I anticipated. Trumpy came into the game with all the publicity but Bell had a better game. Of course, he had a better supporting cast. Bell is strong, has good vision, balance and burst. He was able to turn the corner on Wheaton North's defense consistently.

Other Morgan Park players who impressed me were 6-4, 350-pound senior offensive tackle William Sargent, 6-4, 315-pound junior offensive tackle Terrance Allen and 6-1, 180-pound sophomore wide receiver Daron Brown.

Sargent was the best lineman on an offensive front with a lot of big guys on it. I think college recruiters should look at him. He needs more experience and he isn't a dominating player as he should be. But he has good feet and is athletic. He could develop into an outstanding lineman in college.

Allen doesn't look like he is in great physical condition yet. But he has quick feet and great size. He has trouble getting to the second level of blocking. With another year to play, he bears watching.

Brown will be one of the most recruited players in the Chicago area as a senior. He can be a big offensive weapon. He has good hands and is very electric in the open field. He has big-time speed.

Two other juniors who have great size and potential and could develop into big-time prospects in another year are 6-5, 280-pound tackle Jamie Tesnow of Wheaton North and 6-5, 315-pound tackle Mark Zielinski of New Trier.

Tesnow had trouble against Morgan Park because he was matched up against Craig Drummond, who also beat Wheaton North's other offensive tackle, Nick Adamle, who is committed to Northwestern.

Zielinski needs to work with a speed trainer to improve his quickness, something every big guy needs to do. But he is persistent, doesn't give up on blocks and played both ways against Maine South. He seems to be technically sound.

Finally, a note on Homewood-Flossmoor's Supo Sanni, who committed to Illinois on Sunday. He isn't a great wide receiver but he looked very good on defense when I saw him. He is a good catch for Illinois coach Ron Zook. He isn't real fast but he has a strong body, is very athletic and looks like a college player, physically and athletically. He has the potential to be a dominating player when he begins to concentrate on football.

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WhaT do you think about Morgan Parks junior quarterback?

Marian Catholic has a very good 09 prospect joshua Forney 6''3 230 2 year varsiy starter

Have you seen the junior ot at providence?
6'7 280 and moves pretty good

"He could be the best quarterback to come out of the Chicago area in the last 10 years. He is more polished that Dominique Jones (Morgan Park) and Juice Williams (Vocational)."

This quote is hilarious. Juice and DD (don't you mean Demetrius?) are two of the least polished QBs to come out of Chicago in years. Typical Lemming bluster.

I have always respected your opinions on up and coming players, but you slept on one @ the Morgan Park game; DEION ROBINSON, #92,Junior, Morgan Park H.S.. The URL pasted to this comment is a must see. It's brief, but highlights just a few things from his sophomore season and post season(lots more to come from this year). He's 6'0", 220lbs. and playing out of position at DT. He's been a varsity player since his freshman year, runs a 4.8 40, has been defensive player of the week twice this season alone. He and Craig Drummond have been teammates since they were in 8th grade playing for the CPS Elementary Tackle Football League-Wolfpack football team. As a matter of fact, I was Craig's first football coach(Wolfpack)that season. Deion has played since the 4th grade.

If you guys haven't seen Mike Trumpy play, you are missing something special...he's very fast, has tree trunk legs and can move like just about any Big Ten back...he's the real deal, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him go to a Top 25 school...
He racked up tons of yards and TD's this year while being the main focus of every defense he played against...
He is incredible!

Hmmmm...Deion Robinson, #92, Morgan Park H.S., makes game winning touchdown on an 21 yard interception return for a TD in Morgan Park's come from behind second round win against Glenbard West H.S..
Seems like I've heard this kid's name before somewhere.

LEON HILL 6'6 330


Naperville North juniors RB Nick Mlady, 4.4, 6'2", NT Tim Wiedenbacher 6'0" 235, OG/MLB Alex Helms 6'0" 235, OLT Jake Baratz 6'5", 285, all deserve a look and mention as 2007 Class 8A finalists.

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I am writing this in protest to the politics involved in the selection of Morgan Park to return to the Prep Bowl Playoffs after they were defeated by Warrenville. It is not fair to Simeon who had to beat 5 teams (Manley, Whitney Young, Robeson, and Hubbard (which should have been for the city Championship) in 18 days. It is obvious that the best teams are not recognized for their hard work and W/L record. The public league teams should follow the same road as the catholic league teams when it comes to the Prep Bowl playoffs. Mt. Carmel wasn't allowrf to return after they lost. And why are the players at Simeon being over-looked. There are about 5 blue-chippers there waiting for a phone call: Nate Palmer had an excellent season, Jordan Robinson is a 5-11, 235 pound Offensive Guard - Center/Linebacker who has beat up on the defensive linemen and linebackers at all the top schools including Morgan Park, Dunbar, and Hubbard for three years. Check the films and talk to the coaches. Additionally, you have Alex Ward an outstanding running back. Talk to Clyde Travis. And, finally, I know you have heard of Jack Ramsey the QB. Simeon, in my opinion, should have been in the Prep Bowl

I think that North Chicago's junior class is one of the best in the state having 30 juniors returning. All everything prospect Marquis Miller 6'0" 170 is a good WR and DB prospect in the class of 2009, and with that combo of junior running back Jimon Hill 5'9" 185 with his speed and power he levels out the offense, and Defensive End Anthony Wells is a 6'4" 215 pounder with great speed coming off the edge, he gives offensive lineman nightmares because they have trouble with his speed. Last, Safety prospect Wallace Arrington is a hard-hitting fast pace covering safety with the ability to get every pass thrown his way in the air. All prospects mention have been receiving letters and taking visits to Big Ten Colleges so watch out for this sleeper team next fall.

Neuqua Valleys Michael Khalil 6'2 240 and Conner Yerian 6'4 195 4.5 also watch for Josh Schaffer at 6'3 190

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