Big-time prospects at St. Viator, Palatine, Fremd

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Until last week, St. Viator's Eric Huber was a quarterback. After a shoulder separation, however, the 6-2, 200-pound senior was switched to wide receiver. Good decision. Because Huber, who has 4.4 speed, is a Division I prospect at that position.

In last Friday's 26-21 loss to Notre Dame, Huber caught six passes. Boston College, which just received a commitment from Huber's teammate, tackle Emmett Cleary, is recruiting him. And he has received interest from Northwestern and Indiana. He is athletic and can run. He likely will be recruited as an athlete/defensive back/wide receiver.

Fremd is 6-0 and one of the best teams I've seen in recent years. I attended last Friday's Fremd/Palatine game and observed several talented juniors on coach Mike Donatucci's roster. But I was most impressed with a senior at Palatine, 6-6, 240-pound defensive tackle/end Monroe Brooks, whom I was told is participating in his first year of football.

Brooks has long arms and long legs, perfect for a defensive pash rusher. He also has good quickness off the ball. He is very aggressive. He seemed to be mad at everyone on every play. He isn't a great player yet but he has potential to be one. He passes the look test and quickness test. If I'm a Big 10 school with a scholarship left, I'd give it to him in a second. He will weigh 280 pounds in two years. He has a great future. All he lacks is polish and experience.

Fremd has four juniors who have Division I potential--6-1, 218-pound linebacker Ben Perna, 6-0, 190-pound defensive back Mike Tauchman, 6-0, 200-pound running back Mike Gyetbay and 6-2, 220-pound defensive lineman/tight end Jeff Bobek.

Perna makes a lot of plays. He is strong, very athletic and could be a Division I linebacker. Tauchman had four interceptions in only three quarters and also caught a 40-yard touchdown pass in Fremd's 26-7 victory over Palatine. He is very aggressive and steals everything thrown in his direction. He also is an outstanding baseball player. Gyetbay, whose father played at Syracuse, has MAC potential. And Bobek, whose father played at Iowa, also demonstrated a mean streak.

I continue to be impressed with Mark Tolzien, Fremd's senior quarterback. At 6-1, he lacks the height that many college recruiters are looking for. But he is as good or better than his older brother Scott, now at Wisconsin.

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There are other Vikings who may have Div 1 potential. Jr. Jonathan Deigel LB. 6'3 210lbs, James Norris 6'2 265 OG and Andrew Corso 6'4 205lb WR. These boys along with the 4 you mentioned, plus Christian Lombard, played together for years, but all together on their Palatine Amateur team when the Jr's where in 8th grade and Christian was in 7th. Pretty amazing group.

Vikings Fan

Tom and Vikings Fan--
I was at that game, and came away more impressed with Palatine than with Fremd. At least based on the one game, I can't believe this quote: "Fremd is 6-0 and one of the best teams I've seen in recent years."

Sure - Palatine lost 24-7. But after scoring 21 points in the first 10 minutes, Fremd's only other score was a field goal. Coach D. kept his starters in all the way to the end of the game, and with 5 Palatine turnovers all they could do is score 24 points? Fremd is probably going to finish 9-0, but Palatine will have about 10 more "playoff points"

I wish them both great success in the playoffs!


I believe Fremd's RB is Mike Gyetvay...with a V instead of a B...just thought I should let know. All of these kids are promising players that should help Fremd continue their success. I also attended the Palatine/Fremd game and came away very impressed with both teams. Palatine has turned it around this season and looks really strong heading into the playoffs.

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