Scenes from the "Road trip to history" bus with the Frazier family

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Bryan Jackson, 8, shares a seat with Grandma on the roadtrip.

Stream of Consciousness:
We've been driving now for nearly 10 hours.


Ryaan Frazier, 17, and cousin Mylon Frazier, 13.

We're on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It's dark, but the lights are pretty.
The loud chatter and politics chatter of the first three hours died down to low murmurs a third of the way into the trip, and by the time we made our first rest stop sometime after 6 p..m. and hit the road again, it had become quiet.
Sleep had taken over in most sections of the bus.
Some still have their crazy red, white and blue hats pulled over drooping eyes.


South Sider Crystal Morrell, 26, traveling with her best friend, her best friend's mother, and the mother's best friend, shows off her inauguration hat.

Gwendolyn Martin, 50, of Roseland, traveling with best friend Louise Patrick, 64, shows off her own version of an inauguration hat.

The Richfield, Ohio rest stop was jammed full of tour buses -- about a dozen. And guess what? They were all headed toward the inauguration, including several bus loads of students from the University of Michigan, in Flint.
The air was charged at the rest stop, as folks woke up and picked up right where they left off, about what they thought tomorrow -- and that moment -- was going to be like.


Semaja Frazier, 8, chats up her aunt, Marquita Wright, 28.


Semaja's mother, Lataunya Frazier, 38, poses for the camera.

Strangers spoke to strangers, with the familiarity of a common purpose.
We ran into snow in Indiana, a blizzard in Ohio, and plenty of clear roads in-between.


Asia Wright, 12, mugs for the camera, while her cousin, Michael Frazier III, tries to get lost in his Ipod.

We've watched "Eyes on the Prize" in silence, with the tsk! tsk! tsk! being murmured in unison during key parts of the famous documentary about America's civil rights struggle
and shame. Parts like the Emmett Till story, and the story behind the riot at 'Ole Miss, marked as it were by the battle between the nation's president, later assassinated, and Mississippi's governor.
Now, lighter fare is playing...........Tyler Perry. Of course.

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