A day to remember: Images from the inauguration of President Obama

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Cold. Exhausting. Those were my own overriding feelings as I worked this historic event.
Moving. Momentous. Overwhelming. Those were the feelings that followed.
Among the crowd, fulfilling was an adjective used a lot.
The sea of people that turned out for Barack Obama's inauguration, we learned later, was estimated at some 2 million.
At ground zero, it sure felt like it.
What we couldn't see from our various vantage points, however, was how far the panorama stretched. And it wasn't until later, seeing it on television, that I realized what I'd been a part of. I was shocked.
And the feelings I hadn't had time to feel while working, came at night, watching it fully, watching what I hadn't been able to see from in the middle of all those people.
The images bear witness to a day to remember.


The city seems normal before you near the Capitol.


The throngs start to grow as you approach.


Semaja Frazier and Bryan Jackson, both 8, walk ahead of one of the bands headed to participate in the inaugural parade.


A man shows his patriotism.


A sniper on the dome of the Museum of Natural History.


People raise cameras above their heads, hoping to catch shots of the inaugural proceedings they can't see.


Far left rear: Some climb up in trees to try and get a glimpse of the far away proceedings.


The crowd is every race, age and creed.

All heads seemed to bow in unison as the Rev. Rick Warren gives the invocation.


That's me.


An inauguration-goer follows his official program.


Eight-year-old Bryan Jackson complains that he can't see the president.


Asia and Bryan's mom, Laquita Wright, 28, and her sister, Ryaan and Semaja's mom, Lataunya Frazier, 38, enjoy the moment.


Thirteen-year-old Mylon Frazier is wide-eyed as President Barack Obama starts to speak.


Many came pushing elderly parents and the disabled in wheelchairs.


Eight-year-old Semaja shows her glee as she clutches her souvenir flag.


Lataunya Frazier embraces her children, Ryaan, 17, and Semaja, 8.


After the inauguration is over and the crowd begins to disperse, others in the rear can actually see where it all took place.


A woman in the dispersing crowd does a jig, chanting "It's official! It's official!"


The Frazier grandchildren pose with a souvenir, the Washington Post special election edition.


One family with a baby finds a spot under a tree to take in the inaugural ceremonies.


A helicopter takes the Bushes, reportedly, away after the ceremonies.


Two celebrants show their pride in their new president,


This man's sign speaks for itself.

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