What bloggers are saying about the Kelly trial: Jury deliberations edition

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Publicity still from the 1957 movie, "12 Angry Men."

With R. Kelly's fate in the hands of 12 jurors tonight, there's no shortage of pundits willing to guess the verdict.

MTV News decided there was nobody likelier to accurately predict the odds of a conviction than a bunch of bookies.

Bill Wyman at Hitsville, Scott Smith at Time Out Chicago and this guy who swears a lot are all unimpressed with Sam Adam Jr.'s closing argument.

Regardless, most people outside the courtroom have already made their minds up about the case, according to Steve Jones's USA Today story.

And as of 10 p.m. Thursday night, 67% of respondents to a Blender magazine click-poll think Kelly is "completely screwed."

If Kelly is convicted, this Canadian who sells duck hunting decoys on eBay may want to change his name.

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Well no one knows what the decision will be except those 12 jurors, and they haven't even made up their minds yet. I'm glad there are some sensible, open-minded people on that jury because most of you people have no clue. Most of you are full of hatred and completely unreasonable. I dont care what those "pundits" have to say. Let's all just be patient and wait for the verdict.

He's guilty, get over it! I use to see R. Kelly around my high school in Hyde Park. He likes them young, everyone knows that, and not he has finally gotten caught! Maybe if he is spared jail time he will focus on women his own age for a change.

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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