What bloggers are saying about the Kelly trial: week 3

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It's a while since we looked at what the rest of the world is saying about the R. Kelly trial.

The scoop of the week comes from MTV, who have managed to find out just what Shawn Wayans thinks of the "Little Man" defense. (He doesn't seem impressed).

VH1 scores the trial 6-0 to the prosecution, though they seem to be a couple of days behind.

But Howie Mandel (it's not really him, we're pretty sure) thinks Kelly and his prosecutors should "agree to disagree."

And someone's written another "Trapped In The Closet" episode for attorney/musician Mike Roman.

Josh Levin's unique take on the trial continues here at Slate.

Finally, Time Out Chicago thinks the Kelly Chronicles presaged the apocalypse with this post.

We're all still here, aren't we?

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This lacivious rascal has a serious sex addiction, unfortunately, to little girls. Robert Kelly is guilty as HELL, and needs to be institutionalized in a psychiatric facility that will address his sexual addiction. This sick, nasty dog needs to be delivered.

It is very easy to say he is guilty. I would reather wait and see what the jury decides. I hope they will use the evidence provided to them to make that decision, one way or the other.

This trial is actually sickening on so many levels. 1st the actual tape itself and the acts performed with a child is perverted. R.Kelly's previous incidents and settlements along with this damming video confirms that he is a sick man, in need of help and PRISON TIME!!

But what I find even more sickening is that somewhere a Father, Mother, and family have accepted this harm to their child quietly. I don't know if it's the shame or what. But the parents and their daughter need to know that they are the ones that were harmed. R.Kelly is a proven monster, this child(or woman now) is living proof and this family can end this public display of arrogance.

And lastly, it sickens me when we (African-Americans)pretend to act as if R.Kelly alone was not the monster. If I read one more column telling me that this 13 or 14 yr. old child "knew what she was doing" I will puke all over my keyboard. Any one that has a teen is fully aware of the fact that almost 99% of them will buy into some facade when money or the allure of fame comes into the picture. Fortunately Kells can't get to them all.

If the young lady who was hurt is listening, you are in my prayers. What happened to you was NOT YOUR FAULT! You came in contact with a wicked living monster that defiled your life and undoubtedly changed you forever. Whatever he provided for you and your family is not enough!! You are entitled to everything this sick individual has ever earned and more, and the only way he will likely stop this perversion is if you speak out.

Yes, R.Kelly is a very musically talented writer, singer, producer, and he is an even more sick human being. What type of world are we living in that can accept his genius and allow his wrong to go unpunished?

and everyone whom has supposedly seen this video is just as guilty of child pornagraphy - including the Chicago Tribune. Hmmm. Turn yourselves in everyone with such harsh judgement based on something you're not supposed to witness or support.


This is the world we live in, this is our reality.
Sex = Money.

People like R. Kelly are also victims to their fame and fortune.
Everybody wants a piece of them. Everybody wants to be important in their lives. Star begin to feel a sense of invicibility. I am not saying the behavior is justified. But you have to recognize that R. Kelly says it himself he comes from the dirt. He went from dirt to pure gold and that is a lot to handle.

I also feel that the parents should be the ones on trial here. Why is R. Kelly sending one of his employees to pick their daughter up from school? Where did she get money for new clothes and to take her girls on a shopping spree? They knew exactly what was up. He didn't do anything to their family that they didn't allow.

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