Public already made up its mind on Kelly, music execs say

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As we await the reading of the verdict today, USA Today offers another consideration of R. Kelly's career post-trail, whether found guilty or innocent. The article quotes sources claiming that the verdict has already been rendered in public opinion.

There's also a hilarious, possibly ironic quotation by a source explaining the poor reception of Kelly's latest single, "Hair Braider." It didn't fall flat because of the child porn charges, says this radio exec, it's because "hair braiding isn't relevant anymore. If he wants to strive for the young (18-to-24 audience), he has to understand their tastes and lifestyle."

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"This Friday the 13th, turned out to be a good luck day for R&B superstar Robert "R" Kelley, and I am hoping that he truly appreciates the blessing that God granted him through the jury today. And with all the pending cases where there are clear and indentifiable victims, I hope that the States Attorney can focus on those cases versus making a case where the alleged victim never admitted to being a victim. And despite all the conflicting views that have circulated for six years, The State chose to continue to waste our tax dollars with this case. If a person is not going to be able to face their accuser in a case like this then this is a case that should have never come to trial. And with all the rumors that still continue to surface about R. Kelley's alleged attraction to young girls, I hope he understands this blessing he received today and never has himself in this kind of environment again."

Mark S. Allen
Associate Editor
The South Street Journal Newspaper
*Veteran Political activist with over 30 "straight years in public service on local, state and national levels, including 7 years as a national staff member to the
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr
*Former talk show host on the legendary Black/News Talk Station WVON
*Who's Who Among African Americans
*Who's Who In Black Chicago

R Kelly will NEVER enjoy the success he ONCE knew...he is a HAS BEEN and will be forever tarnished due to HIS KNOWN behavior for taking advantage of YOUNG horrible...he is a PIG and I will never let the public forget this! HE IS a HAS BEEN and a THUG!

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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