R. Kelly's attorneys paint Lisa Van Allen as thief, extortionist

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On cross-examination, R. Kelly's attorney Sam Adam Sr. is attempting to paint Lisa Van Allen as a liar and a thief.

Adam got Van Allen to admit that she had relationships with two men convicted for fraud in the federal courts. One - Damon Pryor - is the so-called "mystery witness" who flew into town at the last minute last week. He's the father of Van Allen's child. The other man - Yul Brown - is Van Allen's current partner.

Under questioning from Adam, Van Allen said that she knew Pryor had served time for fraud before they met in 2001. She also knew Brown was a fraudster, she said.

She laughed when Adam asked her if she only dated men with federal fraud convictions.

While they were together, Pryor told her "how you interject yourself into a case - that you go at the last minute" with important testimony, she said. Van Allen agreed with Adam that Pryor was a "conman," describing their relationship as "a mistake."

Adam pointed out that Van Allen had not come forward for nearly five-and-a-half years as a witness against Kelly, suggesting a link between Pryor's advice and her late emergence as a witness.

But Van Allen denied telling Pryor that the tape at the center of the case was a fake, or that she had told him she planned to extort cash from Kelly. She denied telling a Minnesota woman the same thing, also denying that she knew two men called "Chuck and Keith" had staged the tape at the center of the case to get money from Kelly.

The Minnesota woman, Lena Prado, has not been mentioned in court before, but Van Allen said she had known her since 1999. Van Allen denied having a sexual relationship with Prado.

Van Allen did admit to stealing Kelly's $20,000 Rolex from his hotel room. Asked why she had never admitted stealing the watch until today, she said, "That's not what (R. Kelly's) on trial for."

She acknowledged that her current partner, Brown, had been sentenced to probation for a weapons conviction just two weeks after she eventually approached prosecutors, offering to testify against Kelly. But she denied that prosecutors had told her they "needed" her to take the stand. Brown had faced up to 22 years for possessing an AK-47 machine gun, Adam said.

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This whole thing is really weird. I would never have thought R. Kelly would be a pervert. He is such a genius and to stoop to that level. Children are children and he should have known better. I don't know what was going on in his head, but he has to be a sick person to do what he did. I really like R. Kelly and his music, but I don't like what he has done. Lisa has the nerve to come back after 5 years and try to testify against him. She should have came forward 5 years ago. And the underage girl's relativr should have reported him being that she is a cop, she should be fired. What a bunch of crap. Why do people wait for years before they come forward to say anything. I know that the statue of limitations goes on when a child is involved. But the rest should be put to rest. I don't know what is wrong with grown men and women who have sex with children. I also wonder how this trial is going to end? I can't wait to see the results. I have a feeling this is going to a long trial.

This is such a mess. This girl who is now testifying should be punished for theft *stealing his $20,000 watch* as well underage sex w/a child because when they were having these "threesomes" the other girl was still underaged. What a mess.

The girl testifying will not be charged with anything because being a female gives her some immunity. If she was an underage female at the time than no law can touch her.
Kelly on the other hand is male which makes him fair game for jail time.
The warning here is that if your male and not in a polygamy cult than stay away from underage girls. For some reason polygamists can build churches, schools and homes around impregnating teenage girls and call it a religion. All else, don't bother or pay the law's price.

I was cool with both Lisa and R.Kelly around the time all of this took place and she's telling the TRUTH!!!!

hat a stupid idea people always want to mess others thats exactly what this girl is tryi ng to do to r kelly.I donnot buy that she must be pussed for whar she has dpone

If Lisa Van Allen was involved in the three sum isnt she a pervert or child molester too? If she had sex infront of a minor or sat back and did nothing when it occured isnt she guilty or an accessory. Why is she not being prosecuted becuase she is not a singer. She admitted to being invoved in a three sum with the minor. Where is the logic. Im not justifying what R Kelly did but why justify what Lisa did. She could have said no or stopped it from happening instead she knowingly took part in the sex act with the minor and she stoled a 20,000 dollar watch and the video and possibly attempterd extoring money from the singer. What is on peoples minds. Isnt that entrapment or setting him up from the beginning. If he is guilty than so be it but why is Lisa Van Ellen Innocent it all seems a bit suspicious to me to begin with. I think they should be on trial together in a 2 sum if anything.

Lisa was granted immunity solely for her testimony since some of it could be considered "self-incriminating". Without that, she would've been a fool to testify at all.
Per the threesomes she alleged, if you review the timeline she would've been about 18 yrs old. Kelly allegedly told her the other female was 16 (she was more like 14 authorities estimate). IF Lisa is to be believed, I would not necessarily consider her a "child moleter" or "pervert".
Kelly however, would've been about THIRTY years old at the time of the alleged threesomes. Surely there is something perverted about a grown a@@ man trying to have sex with two teens and then being dumb enough to (allegedly) videotape it.

To all of you who STILL DOUBT the validity of this case please read this

and stop being 'sheeple'...make your own determination


Everyone Wake Up!!!!
I'm so tired of Black America supporting R. Kelly for the sake that he is another black man about to enter into prison. R. Kelly is a pedophile. You all need to think how you would feel if that young girl was your child. R. Kelly used his fame to have sex with underage girls. Let's not forget he legally married Aaliyah. He obviously has a problem. Stop protecting R. Kelly. The law is the law. He broke the law. Moreover, let's protect the children. We have to start protecting children.

why is the girl now coming foward and testifying? i think that r kelly should not be prosecuted because the prosecution has no proof.....they cannot corroborate Van Allen's story and the other girl already stated it is not her in the tape. Since they cannot identify the girl in the tape, and r kelly is denying it is him, they have no case!!!! I won't rationalize nor justify Kelly's actions, however legally speaking he should be exonerated. I hope young girls are not still doing stupid stuff like this with grown. Men are going to men, but us ladies have to grow up quicker so that we can outsmart their lying, dogmatic ways, and avoid the shame and embarrassment that peverts like Kelly will bestowe upon our good names.

They are all sick and need prayer.

I have never seen the tapes. It may be true or false, but as I grew up in Chicago, this is the behavior of older men with young girls. I am not saying it right. I am saying this should have been corrected along time ago throuhout America. He needs help and so do those girls. Did her aunt go and have her removed from the family as a result of neglect. No (Shes bitter) Lisa was not going to say anything because she did not care. This is a part of her lifestyle. something she does anyway, but at the mention of helping her new lover out of jail time, not getting into trouble herself and maybe cash and payback. I can see it now. (My sorted freak fest with Kells)book and mini movie. I say leave the little girl who is now a woman alone. If that was me. I wouldn't want anyone to know. Especially if I wanted to marry and have children someday. We all make mistakes, and at her age with the coaching and the mentality of a young girl. She did not know any better. Mr. kelly may go to jail, but this is not going to scar him, but the other young lady will suffer, and lisa will get a big payday.

I am not sure whether Mr. Kelly did this or not,but God has given him a gift of music and he is a great writer and singer and should not take it for granted.He should be so grateful that nothing like this will every happen again. You can not act on all of your fantasies because you can lose all the things and people you love.

I think that from here on out Mr.Kelly needs to evaluate the people he lets enter into his circle.

What I am saying is that you may think that the people around you and I not saying all of them but the majority of them may have your back, but they don't. And check ID's . PLEASE!

Stay safe.

If R.Kelly had sex with a young lady he needs to be put under the jail but if this is a set-up hurry up and show the wrong thats being done to him and show it to the world. and do this in a hurry

I'm happy for him. Females are dirty. They know what they be doing so why should the man be the only 1 getting in trouble? Whoever those two ppl r n the tape knew exactly what they were doing no matter how young an how old. Parents need to raise they kids right so the men won't be perverts an the ladies won't be fast. It was all consensual so why isn't everybody mad @ her too? Congrads 2 R Kelly. He has his haters but he gon keep movin 4ward despite the hatin. Parent need to keep watch over their lil girls

Well this Godly wonderful man filming urination on young girl is the victim of a racist society. But the jury stood up to the system and cut this godly child molester free. R Kelly would make a landmark Vice President.

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R. Kelly on trial

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