R. Kelly's attorneys attempt to chip away at credibility of state's witnesses

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For perhaps the first time since R. Kelly's trial began, this morning's testimony was completely free of drama and the circus-like atmosphere that has enveloped the case.

It felt like a normal trial, almost.

There were no bombshells, just five witnesses in quick succession who the defense hopes will chip away at the state's case.

First up was Det. Dan Everett, the Chicago cop who was called by the prosecution on the first day of the trial. Recalled today by the defense, Everett testified that prosecution witness Bennie Edwards Sr. - a relative of the alleged victim in the case - had downplayed R. Kelly's role in the alleged victim's career in a 2003 interview.

Private investigator John Eireman then testified that Adra Gengler, one of the Oak Park parents who knew the alleged victim and identified her as being on the tape, had given him an earlier interview where she said "it could be anyone" on the tape. Of the Oak Park residents who identified Kelly and the alleged victim for the prosecution, Gengler seemed the least certain, saying she was only "80%" sure it was the alleged victim until she saw the tape on the morning of her testimony.

Another private eye, Michael Slevnik, then testified that he had also attended an interview with Gengler, in which she said it was "questionable at best" whether the alleged victim was the girl on the tape.

Chicago Police Officer Joseph Verdin then testified, briefly, about Bennie Edwards Sr.'s recent crack cocaine arrest.

Finally, a third private investigator Alison Cain, testified that she had traveled to Atlanta to interview Lisa Van Allen in March this year. Van Allen told her she couldn't speak about the case, Cain said, adding that Van Allen's fiance, Yul Brown said people had been "pressuring" Van Allen not to speak about the case.

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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