Prosecution witness 'surprised' by verdict

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Lisa Van Allen, of Georgia, departs the Cook County Criminal Court Building after she testified for the prosecution June 2 in the child pornography trial of R&B singer R. Kelly in Chicago. (AP)

Lisa Van Allen, the star prosecution witness in the R. Kelly trial, says she's surprised by today's verdict.

"I am surprised that they made the decision this quickly," Van Allen tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "My job was to tell the truth and that is what I did. I will never regret that."

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She is a thief, a lier, and an extortionist. The jury didn't buy her CRAP for two seconds. You can see right through her. I guess now her and her criminal fiancee will have to go back home to Atlanta and find someone else to steal from.

i love r.kelly, i think people will do anything for money!!!She is perfect example of that. They need to lock her up talking about she threesomes that are underage.. she a regulaR OLD FREAK!!!

Lisa, you hold your head HIGH...R Kelly is a PIG and a THUG, yea I said IT...A two bit thug hiding behind a cover...YES R kelly, you are a PIG and you DESERVE to be behind BARS...beware parents...keep your young girls safe and R KElly, your time is COMING!

if he was not making money for someone, he would be shining shoes in prison for the rest of his life......must have had the sym "pathetic" OJ type of jury.....and they wonder why they cant get ahead......

i love kelly's music ,but note people how great of an artist he is ,it has nothing to do with him having sex with underage girls...let alone pissing on them....everyone really know what should have happened....I guess we have to wait until he gets caught up again,which he will...i guess he'll go right a song about it now!!!

She is upset that her and her crooked man won't be able to blackmail him for any of his money. Now they can move on and look forward to putting lisa's new baby on the county with the 1st kid. And then maybe Yul will get a job instead of trying to fraud people with his scheme called highline investment in Georgia.

This young lady may have told the truth, but i wouldn't have turned a tape over to R. Kelly for $20,000. Please, that's like pennies to him.

I dont know if Kells did it or not but you got to think if he didnt have no money would he even had been brought up on charges. this stuff is happening everyday.on the tape ol' girl was up with it, he didnt force his self on her. i dont condone it but maybe he didnt know. but he got aquited so get off it.......

I feel as tho no one is speaking about the PAENTS of the alleged victim and yes I said alleged because at her age she had no business being in that situation in the first place. If R Kelly should go to jail then so should her parents because they are her first line of defense and where were they on these occasions when she was "GETTIN HER FREAK ON" this was not a one time thing right so WHAT ABOUT CHILD NEGLECT. Peolple leave r alone and focus on yourselves. THOSE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THRIOW STONES

The only comment i have is that if this was the first little girl the he was accused of then i could see all of the support but it's not. this is adleast number three i totally agree that he is a musical genius and has written and co/written and produced and co/produced some of the greatest hits from this generation ( R.Kelly and myself are the same age )and i know he will keep on cranking out the hits and at the same time he will still keep messing with little girls until the law puts a stop to him i think they need to charge him with sexual abuse of a minor and child abuse and sexual assault to a minor and make him register as a sex offender for the next ten years!!!!

You don't have to be a lawyer to know that the U.S. Constitution clearly states that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Apparently some pleople believed that R. Kelly was guilty even before the trial began, and some still feel the same way, and indeed,they are entitled to their opinion. However, it is hypocritical and self righteous to believe in due process of the law only when it is convenient and beneficial to one self. I'm sure that if any of these people were ever to be charged with any type of crime, they would be the first ones to invoke their presumption of innocence as guaranteed under the law of the land, and if the judge or jury acquitted them, then they would certainly expect the public to acquiesce to the verdict. Yes, it is very easy to make accusations, but proving it in a court of law is another matter.

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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