One order of crow for Mr. Martin

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Marc Martin

Defense lawyer Marc Martin had harsh words for the Sun-Times on May 9. That was the first day of jury selection — and the day the Sun-Times ran a front-page exclusive about a woman who had allegedly been in a threesome with Kelly getting paid off for a sex tape.

Martin said the Sun-Times story "is not the subject of any evidence expected to be adduced by the state."

But yesterday, the state adduced exactly that evidence. Prosecutors called to the stand Lisa Van Allen, 27, who testified a Kelly aide paid her and another man $20,000 each for the return of a tape allegedly showing Kelly in a threesome with an underage girl.

In March 2007, Kelly flew Van Allen and her fiancé, Yul Brown, to Chicago in hopes of retrieving the videotape of the threesome, Van Allen testified Monday. Kelly offered her $250,000 for the tape, she said.

But Van Allen had given the tape to a man named Keith Murrell, who lived in Kansas City, she said. So Kelly’s “people” arranged a meeting in Chicago. The meeting allegedly occurred in the presidential suite of a Chicago-area Sheraton hotel, Van Allen said.

At that meeting, Kelly's business manager Derrel McDavid gave Van Allen and Murrell $20,000 each for the tape, she said. McDavid denied that in a statement issued yesterday.

McDavid “told us if [Murrell] brought back the original, he would give us the remainder” of the $250,000, Van Allen said.

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