Not guilty. What do you think?

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R. Kelly leaves the Cook County Court House this afternoon and was found not guilty on all charges. (Scott Stewart/Sun-Times)

The jury has declared R. Kelly is not guilty on all counts levied against him in his child-pornography trial.

On this blog, we've seen numerous comments from readers on both sides of the issues — vigorous defenses of Kelly, vehement attacks on him, too. How will the verdict affect your outlook on Kelly, the man, his music, and the charges brought against him?

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I haven't seen the video, but it sure seemed clear from what I read that it was him. Why hasn't anybody leaked screengrabs of the video with the dirty parts and children fuzzed out?

people can't leak it (or at least couldn't until now?) because they could be prosecuted for child porn.

also, yes! kells is free. i'm celebrating tonight for sure (and i can only imagine what he is doing tonight to celebrate). I assume his lawyers stuck the ignition remix video at the end of the jury room sex tape and the jury realized they just couldn't convict a man that damn talented. get freaky in the club, ya'll

Thank the good Lord Jesus in heaven!! R.Kelly is not guilty!! Now will you guys leave him alone and allow him to live his life? I doubt it. But he made it!! Thank you Jesus!!

sad day for justice thats for sure. its too bad that feet were dragged for so long with the prosecution and that most of the original charges were dropped and that additional character evidence was inadmisseable in court.....Aaliyah, the other two related charges of sexual relations with underage girls, the Florida case with the camera full of incriminating images, stories ive heard of him showing up at area high schools etc cruising for girls.... none of that mattered, in the end a man with problems walks free.

what bothers me also is that, here lies a tape with IF it isnt R Kelly, an adult male engaging in sexual acts with a possible minor....who is going to track down-if its not R Kelly- the perpetrator???

An awful lot of taxpayer money was spent on what turned out to be a very weak case - not even a full day of deliberations. Why didn't the government pull the plug on this fiasco before all the waste?

Everyone assumed that because the girl did not testify, she and her family were paid off by Kelly, yet there was no evidence of any payments. If it was a large sum, and I would believe it would have to have been, there would have been a financial fingerprint. The State had what, 6 years to investigate, so I must assume there was no payoff. That being the case, the absence of the girl gives reasonable doubt.

Also, the statute of limitations has passed for her to sue Kelly.

Okay, he can sing. He's talented. He's also a pedophile with some very serious issues. I'm ashamed to be from Chicago today. I'm a DJ, my small protest is that all of the R. Kely songs come out of my crate today, forever.

"The absence of evidence does not mean the evidence of absence..."

For all you people who believe Kelly did not dd this.... must also be in the same category as he. Here's an idea.... how about you pull off what Kells did and see if your broke butts land behind bars.... I'm sure you will

Oh yes it's over! A free man the storm is over! Time to celebrate. Well know your true fans got yo back. Now it's time to show the Chi. your appreciation. Much Love to all the Kell's fans. Keep supporting him.

how often is it that life imitates an episode of "The Boondocks?"

OHHHHh I feel so greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt we have been waiting for this verdict I was so stressed..Yeah Robert its time to celebrate!!I will go to the club tonight!!!!!I knew from the begining that you are inoncent!!!
your friends from africa #1 fan

R kelly is a PIG and a thug...yea I said it...HE IS a has been and WILL never have the career he ENJOYED on the backs of LITTLE girls...Beware parents, please take care of your young girls...he will strike again!!! OMG please beware!

I am in shock! What was the jury thinking? OMG! Lock up your children! R KELLY IS OUT!!!!!!! OMG! Parents beware and please be careful! HE will strike again!

Private Detectives Eierman,Slevnik and Paladino did a very good job discrediting the state's witnesses.
The defense lawyers were outstanding.

Apparently, there ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind if you're the R-Rah. This is just absolutely disgusting and for the ignorant people "celebrating up in da club" because a PEDOPHILE was just acquitted, I pray that you don't have children and your kids run into R. Kelly. What happens then?


thats what am talking about free..this shuld not infect the way people look at him or his music..his music has really noting to do whit his personal life..i dont now if he did it or not..but i will still buy his music and look at him as a great artist and produser. i still think is incent..if he wasnt why didn the girl say so..she culd got him looks behind bars for a long time...but she didnt so he mut be inecent..still love kells till the very end

now you all can leave this man alone and let him live in peace he is not guilty and the jury said soo.he has only one persom to answer to and thats god so he will face god one day and may ask him about it.untill then he is alright with me and the rest of his fans and he is about to tear the airwaves up.he is the man and every one knows he is.i think he will be careful about who is around from now on he don't need a huge entourage thats how they get caught up.they have ppl in their click who be hating on him and they linked it out,if its wrong he will get it by god.go on with your career and keep putting out hit after hit and hit after hit 'cause you the for life.

To the DJ Don. I think you need to play what the crowd wants to hear, and that's Kell's BABY. No need to throw them away just send em my way. Well to all the haters let it go he's innoncent. I bet the haters will stil listen to the new album when its drops. When the verdict was over Kell's said to himself. The storm is over, thank god its Friday, then he went and got some sex weed. Celebrate baby from Friday June 13, 2008, till death does us part. Holla Tori

Does any of this ring a bell 2 u fools prasing the pedophile?
Aaliyah, 15, secretly married him 25yrs old. she was his
"protege" also.He named her first album Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. Need More? O.K. He called himself the Pied Piper of R&B that is until maybe one of his PR people told his stupid ass what it really stood 4. 4 everbody who dont know the story, the Pied Piper was a legened pedophile who led children ,not rats, from a village according to most accounts. But thats all right. I would never wish any harm on anybody else child but the seeds that r kelly sowed, he will have to reap them. I believe that he has daughters as well. maybe one day somebody might treat his underaged sexually active daughter with a little Shug Avery Pee and then lets see how he likes it!

If R Kelly did this it was up to the prosecution to do its job! Instead we have the main witness unwilling to testify and then claims it wasn't her on the sex tape. You have another so-called witness talking about money, but all this trial seems to say is a group of people were looking to cash in on this so called tape and when they couldn't they then tried to prosecute him. This also looked to me the prosecution was taking advantage of the mans status as a pop star. Now the jury spoke, yet there are people calling him a child molster and anything else they can come up with! In this country you are tried by a jury of your peers so why not except that, and move on! Some of you people really look like haters carrying on about the verdict. Good luck Kelly!!

I for one don't judge people until the have been proven guilty! Kelly was tried and found to be innocent so why are some people continuing to attack this man. The so called witnesses do not seem creditable, and there is more to this story then mets the eye! This story is about some greedy scheming people looking to suck some money out of a high profile person! Number one why is it taking 6 years for the complaints to finally come forward? Why is it that an adult would bring an underage girl to Kelly's house in the first place, and then play off she is creditable? This person is not creditable and the prosecution should have done a better job of investigating this case. Justice was served but I am sure this so

the outcome of this trial goes to show that money IS god!
Instead of thanking "Jesus" R. Kelly should be thanking his money for keeping him out of jail. As for his many fans who celebrated his acquittal over the weekend, I never could understand their logic during this scandal, I mean, it's quite obvious this man has problems, but I guess as long as the music sounds good, & they can make babies to it, everything else is irrelevant, and from their perspective, those who wanted justice served are dismissed as haters, how sad, it's not about being jealous of his success, as many people seem to think, this was about a pedophile with a problem who needed to be taken off the streets.
I wonder if those same people who defended R, Kelly would trust him around "their" young daughters. Not Guilty does NOT mean he's innocent.

I believe that he should have been found innocent of those charges infact i don't believe he should have been charged with THOSE charges in the first place. I don't believe he made those movies ( U already know that there is many more that HAVEN'T come out) to show anyone i believe they were created for private use only i believe he should have been charged and found guity for the act not just the videoing of it and if he had been charged with the act they would not have needed the victim to testify or her family so pay offs would not have paid off!!

those jurors have 2 live with the fact that they allowed a pedophile 2 walk the streets


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