New music from Kelly — could he rebound?

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Never one to shy away from the kind of PR advantage a nationally reported child molestation trial can bring, R. Kelly has continued to release — officially and through Internet "leaks" — new music all year long.

His latest, a bouncy and unusually light track called "Body, Body," began making the rounds online this last weekend. Listen to it here.

Rumors have circulated that Kelly has several projects in the can, awaiting release depending on the outcome of the trial (the defense rested today). Kelly and Jive Records plan to release at least one album, "12 Play: Fourth Quarter," later this year (possibly as early as next month), featuring the already hit single "Hair Braider."

But what will become of his career when this trial is over, whatever the verdict? One reporter at the Los Angeles Times speculates, "Even if he's found not guilty, he might experience the kind of career slide that befell Michael Jackson after being acquitted of child molestation." He's never won a top Grammy, either. Will the publicity turn him into an even bigger superstar, or would Grammy voters not touch him even if vindicated?

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To commemorate the near-end of his child-pornography trial, Kelly released a new single. We can't believe it either. Read More


I do not believe that the same career slide that "befell" Michael Jackson would necessarily hold weight or gain momentum with R. Kelly. The reasons for this assertion are simple: Firstly, Micheal Jackson's career had begun to erode long before allegations surfaced chronicling his sexual misconduct; his music was subpar and was publically spurned long before his legal issues surfaced. Jackson's musical mastery was all but dead beforehand and record sales were dead.

Secondly, Jackson has never been considered a top-notch producer and song writer as Kelly is. Kelly still produces hit after hit; and he does so all on his own. Kelly's creativity has not diminished in the least. Jackson's career was already in steep decline several years before he caught that case. Whereas Kelly produced platinum album after platinum album years after this most sinister of allegations reared its ugly head on plastered itself onto court dockets. While investigators were investigating, Kelly was producing hits; hits that were fully embraced by fans despite his legal troubles.

Can the same be said about Jackson? Therefore, your assertion that "[e]ven if he's [Kelly] found not guilty, he might experience the kind of career slide that befell Michael Jackson after being acquitted of child molestation" seems short-sighted at best.

leave michael and r kelly alone please

I'm a huge R.Kelly fan. I believe they are after him like this because he's a successful black man. There are plenty of older men out here dating younger women, having sex and even babies with them. In other countries children are even sold to older men. If the U.S. is so concerned about this problem they should try to stop it around the whole world. Who's knows the girl may have lied about her age like alot of young women. If R. Kelly wasn't so rich and successful they wouldn't even take it this far. If the victim says it wasn't her then it wasn't her, I think they might bribe her into saying it was her having sex with Kel just to take anopther black man down. What about going after the girls parents, if she was between the age of 13-16 did't she have a curfew. Why weren't they keeping track of their child. If parents step up to their responsibility of watching their children the crime rate, teens against teens gun violence, and pregnacy rate will decrease. So ask the parents were was your child on the day that she's being accused of having sex with a grown man. Maybe the parents need to be locked up. But they're not after the parents. Why? Because they aren't rich and famous like Kel. Why wait so long to bring it to court. Why so many late witnesses. Its thousands of those tapes floating around. The tape I viewed it wasn't a threesome, and I thought the witness was in the tape particpating in a threesome. That goes to show you that meny tapes are out, and the couldv'e been altered. How could she be a witness and she's not in the video. Leave Kel alone. Kel if you read this I'm over 18 baby your number 1 fan. I will support you no matter what. I Love You!!!

Yes, some people involved in this case may have had their own self-serving motive for going after Kelly, but the fact is that ANY person engaging in sexual acts with a minor and is BOGUS enough to tape it deserves to go to jail for a long time.
Yes there are girls out there that lie about their age, but that is not the case here. This child was an extended family member. He KNEW her parents and auntie.
THe parents are part of the blame for not being in sync with what is going on with their children's life, this is how PEDIOPHILES LIKE KELLY swoop right in and take advantage. Be honest, do you think she enjoyed the lemonade (shedid not look like she was having fun)? Being turned out to whoever else he invites to the bed? Disgraced in her neighborhood and taunted by her peers? An emotionally balanced adult, would not have even subjected themselves to what he did to her. I even doubt the average sexually active female even enjoys sex at that age.
It is really sad that you and several others are willing to overlook something so vile, because her parents were not doing their job. Tori women like you embarrass me and make females look bad.
I am sure Kels is not on this post, from what I've heard, Kels can't read to well.
Maybe you can go visit him in prison. Just drop your age a little, I think you're too old.

i agree wgit the girl over..leave kells alone..theres just after taking down another black man..oh please..this case says that he has made servelas tapes where is all the others tapes...wheres the proof..they cant sentence him over one tape the girl says is not here..and whats up whit the chuck and the other guy..whre does all this witnesses come from..this case is jackt up

Wow....the ignorance of some of you blind Kelly groupies is absolutely are so causght up in your own ignorance brought on by your "superfan" blindness....that you would probably behave in the same manner as the girls parents if it were your child.....but I would imagine that most of you defending him are teen girls yourself, and if you are grown women, and are taking up for him, you belong behind bars with him......and then ya'll need to take some college courses while in the klink, because neither oyu (the dumb groupies) or Kell's can spell or read to well....hahaha.....send the pedophile me...he will not be well recieved by the inmates in there.....they dont care about his hits, his money,although they may find him cute.....ha ha ha.....but they will care about his affinity for kiddies and punish him in a way he will have nightmares about the rest of his crappy life.....the bum is a waste of skin.....

To everyone so quick to judge R.Kelz look at yourselves first before passing judgement,if he's(kelz)found guilty then you can make a comment,but until we gather all the facts NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SAY R.Kelly should go to jail if the shoe was on the other foot would all you kelly haters still be saying I should go to jail? I doubt it,you would be scared as hell.Kelz deserves prison time only if jurors decide he should do time not the judge,not fans,not kelly haters,but jurors.I'm not saying if kelly is having or had sex with an underaged girl he's right,no thats not what I'm saying becauuse there are rules that must be followed,but what about priest touching underaged boys,it's almost okay for them(priest)to get away with this kind of behavior because nothing gets done just a slap on the wrist,but in any case wrong is wrong and fair is fair,but this is America and we're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty,but really for those who understand we live in a GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT WORLD!!!

I agree, Kels needs to go to jail for this crime. I saw the tape and yes it is him. What he did was disgusting and sick and I can't believe he is denying this. I can undertstand the alleged victim's reason for denying: it's embrassing as hell, and everyone know's her as the girl Kelly pissed on. I loved Kelly for his music before I heard of this, but after he was charged, I could no longer support him. And I think b/c of the tape, that's the reason why Jay-Z cancelled the "Best of Both Worlds" album and tour. I can't even stand to hear Kels on a remix or featuring on another artist's song, it's like the artist's only look at the money, but not what this man has done, and I'm sure some of them have daughters themselves. Kels just needs to go ahead and plead guilty, confess, and get it over with. I would respect him more and sure others would, at least that way it would appear as an outcry for help and that is what that brother needs, HELP!!!

Why does it seem that the supporters of Kelly on this blog are illiterate?

In response to ANONYMOUS

Your point that the only people authorized to "judge" R. Kelly is the judge and the jury. When the jury hopefully convicts him next week, then you'll be posting on here that there was no justice served.
However you sound hippocritical when you made the statement about the priests touching young boys. You are assuming all those priests accused committed the crimes even though there was lack of concrete evidence to build a case. Especially since they were not dumb enough to tape their encounters. Besides the priests are not on trial here Rrra's dumb @ss is.
I am not hating I used to be a fan of his music too until I outgrew it. I still believe he is gifted, just sad his mind is so cluttered with filth that he can't work up to his full potential.

Someone posted a comment under my name I guess you cant read to well huh. The critizing comment fell back on you. Yes I am a Kel's fan, and I will continue to be even if he does go to jail. Extended family or not parents are responsible for their children. Women like you probably don't even know what sex feels like. I don't embrass you, you embrass your self and you already look bad. Well I guess we just have to wait to see what happens. If Kel's is convicted her parents should be convicted too. So has anybody seen the three-some video? How can you judge him with no original evidence. Ladies honestly speaking when you were in your teens you never had a sexual encounter with anyone over the age of 18. I guess everbody wants to act all innoncent, the same one's that will give it up free just because it's a celebrity. Well all I have to say is FREE R.KELLY. And I'm not a super fan I never been to a concert I just support the case because lack of evidence, and witnesses. Imagine your father, brother, or uncle in his situation. What would you say then? Think about it.It's enough innoncent black men behind bars. FREE R.KELLY

I guess people 4get that this man, in 1994, attempted 2 marry the late Aaliyah when she was only 15, therefore, he laid the foundation 4 this madness 2 eventually manifest itself, I look @ it like this, if U saw the video, & U feel that either it was or was not R. Kelly, then U're entitled 2 that opinion, but anybody who HAS'NT seen the video should'nt bother defending this man, most of U R only defending him because U were probably making babies 2 his music, as 4 all of that "they're trying 2 keep a Black man down" talk, save it, it's like when Huey Freeman made knowledge born on that episode of the Boondocks...

"What the hell is wrong with you people? Every famous n***a that gets arrested is not Nelson Mandela! Yes the government conspires to put a lot of innocent black men in jail on fallacious charges, but R. Kelly is not one of those men! We all know the n***a can sing! But what happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums? You a fan of R. Kelly? You wanna help R. Kelly? Then get some counseling for R. Kelly! Introduce him to some older women. Hide his camcorder... but don't pretend like the man is a hero!"

my point exactly.

Amen Supreme! Every black man persecuted isn't Mandela, King or Dick Gregory.

You illiterate fools are 'holding up' another illiterate who just so happens to be a pedophile. For shame that you are the future of America.

What has the "R" done for you other than make you dance? Has this man touched your life personally? God, I hope not.

I hope that all who defend this fool are as ardent in support of the possible next president who happens to be Black, educated and have actually helped others along the way. And let's pray he doesn't play Kel's version of the national Anthem at his inauguration! :-)

and groupies...these spaces you see in between my words are called might want to look into them.

The more ignorance you post on here the more I realize you need help. I am not going to continue debating with you about this because I realize that I am arguing with someone who has a Bachelor's of 26th and California Degree.
You make excuses for innappropriate and deviant sexual behavior and even admitted to having SEX with a grown man when you were underage. Let him pee on your underage loved one I'd bet you'd feel different.
Just another case of grown girls and grown boys. Free range babies and not enough Wic to pay for them all.
I just wish your "ignant" self will atleast stop using the "black man" excuse for Rrra being brought to trial. It is embarrassing to the AA community.
Sad just sad....

R.kelly isn't a hero. He's a black successful artist. If Kelly is convicted I hope he continues to write hits just to show all the haters that Kell's is still supported by his true fans. How can you convict him of child porn, and not Lisa? This goes to show you how bad they want to bring him down, cuz if it happened she's just as guilty. I'm not saying Kell's didnt do it, but if the victim said it wasn't her maybe it's somebody else. Come on it's 13 and 14 year old kids out here with bodies like grown women. What happened to the braces the victim had that didn't appear in the video. Her parents would know if their child had braces, which means they could identify her. What about just getting a school photo of the victim appox. 6 years ago to compare it to the video. Well all we can do is wait till later. FREE R.KELLY. TRUE FANS LOVE YOU KELLY!!! FREE ROBERT KELLY!!!

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The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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