Lisa's fiance solicited payoff, Exhibit 95 says

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Wednesday afternoon wrapped up with the testimony of Jason Wallace, a sports agent who doubles as a law clerk for defense lawyers Sam Adam Sr. and Sam Adam Jr.

Wallace went with Sam Jr. to Atlanta on May 9 to meet with Lisa Van Allen after the Sun-Times reported that a witness — who turned out to be Van Allen — was allegedly paid off by a Kelly aide for returning a sex tape. The Sun-Times had previously reported the witness would testify she had a threesome with R. Kelly and the underage girl in the sex video.

At a May 10 meeting in the Atlanta Ritz-Carlton, Van Allen's fiance Yul Brown indicated she would change her testimony in exchange for $350,000, Wallace testified Wednesday.

"He wanted something so that she wouldn't testify," Wallace said.

While cross-examining Van Allen on Monday, Sam Sr. had brought Wallace out and asked her if she recognized him from their meeting at the Ritz-Carlton. She did, and the defense lawyer put a sticker on Wallace's lapel marking him as defense exhibit 95.

Wallace said that at the outset of the meeting, Brown asked Sam Jr. and Wallace if he could pat them down. "It just seemed like he was wondering if we were wearing something," Wallace said.

"By something, do you mean a wire?" Sam Sr. asked.

"Yes," Wallace said.

Van Allen never spoke during the meeting, Wallace said, but she nodded in agreement with Brown's statements, and never showed any disagreement.

"When Sam Adam Jr. showed him the Sun-Times article, did Brown say, 'Don't worry about that, it can be handled?'" Sam Sr. said.

"Yes, he did," Wallace said.

Brown allegedly said to Wallace that Van Allen "is pregnant, and we have to look out for our family."

"Did Brown say, Lisa does not have to testify in court if things are made right?" Sam Sr. asked.

"Yes," Wallace said.

"Did Brown say, 'Well, I'm not going to put a price on this right now, but they know what is right'?" Sam Sr. asked.

"Yes," Wallace said.

"Did Sam Adam Jr, say, 'Well, I'm not going to be part of anything illegal, but I'll relay any message you want relayed'?" Sam Sr. asked.

"Yes, he did," Wallace said.

Cross-examining Wallace, assistant state's attorney Bob Heilingoetter could barely contain his scorn. At one point, Heilingoetter asked Wallace if he was "frustrated" by Van Allen's refusal to speak during the meeting — and Wallace said no.

"You weren't frustrated, because you were looking to dig up a little dirt," Heilingoetter said.

Heilingoetter pointed out the defense had known about Van Allen since March 12, and wondered why they waited until the first day of trial to fly down to Atlanta. Jack Palladino, a private investigator hired by Kelly, met with Van Allen on March 16 and March 18.

Heilingoetter then asked Wallace about a written statement he prepared on May 10 summarizing the Ritz-Carlton meeting.

"What you chose to do was, you yourself prepared a summary of an interview with Lisa Van Allen," Heilingoetter said.

"Yes," Wallace said.

"An interview in which Lisa Van Allen uttered not one word," Heilingoetter said.

"After being aware of Lisa Van Allen for two months, the purpose of your trip wasn't to interview Lisa Van Allen, it was to try to create some sort of illusion of impropriety that you could use against her at this trial," he added.

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