Kelly trial post-mortem

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The arguments in court may have ended, but the dispute about what the R. Kelly trial means is likely to rage for some time.

Pop critic Jim DeRogatis (who broke the story of the tape at the center of the case) and columnist Mary Mitchell have their say in today's Sun-Times.

And Bill Wyman, who has been closely following the case at his blog, Hitsville, says he always insisted you can’t go wrong betting that the rich guy gets off.

But Slate's Josh Levin thinks "it's possible that the jury would've acquitted if the defense had said absolutely nothing."

That girl on the go thinks the main difference between R. Kelly's trial and O.J. Simpson's was that the victim wasn't white.

To an outside observer looking at the case in the context of other celebrity trials, Kelly's acquittal may seem unsurprising. But it's worth noting that in a private last-minute straw poll of the 20 plus reporters in court to cover the case, not one predicted that Kelly would be completely cleared (many did predict a hung jury, however).

Whether you think this says more about the media or the jury probably depends on your own view of the verdict.

In that vein, here's one final, sad footnote: TV reporter Randi Belisomo's personal take on a small moment at the margins of the Kelly trial.

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It’s unbelievable that celebrities get off the hook when it comes to such serious crimes. There is absolutely no justice system for them. I bet that if it was any regular person facing crimes like this that the jury would of convicted them. What kind of message is this country sending.. that if your a celebrity that is in the eyes of the people everyday you can get away with anything? Apparently it worked for OJ, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and god the list goes on. I mean how much more god foresaking evidence can you possibly need to know that R Kelly is guilty. These people got paid off like they always do when it comes to celebrity cases. The girl and her family were paid off to keep quite as well as the jury. These people should be treated like criminals just like R Kelly should’ve of been convicted. Of course… unless they are rich and famous then it’s obvious the law doesnt apply to them like it would to 98% of other americans.


He should be singing in Joliet Correctional Center!!!!

I strongly believe that the trial ended exactly the way it should have. This girl knew what she was doing and was fine with it. She could have easily turned him down or better yet never put herself in that situation at all. Why was she with him at all? What do a grown man and a teenage girl have to talk about? In my opinion she had her own agenda and planned this. She knew if she went and told on him he would be in serious trouble. She also knew the amount of money that Rkelly would probably be willing to put down to keep her quiet. Of course the tape was disgusting and out of control but this case should be decided on the crime itself and not on his personal lifestyle. If there had never been a tape nobody would have even thought twice about it. Besides, if she was really that upset why did she take the money? Anybody who feels that they were sexually taken advantage of, no money in the world should be able to keep them from putting their criminal in jail.

The Kelly Chronicles

I totally agree it is a shame that your fame and status, or name helps you in the court of law. I am totally a R.Kelly fan but, his state of mind of having sexs with children I do not agree with. This is not the first time that R.Kellys has been caught or "brought" up on charges of having sex with a underage child. I saw the video tape and I have also seen him three times in my life time and it was him. I believe if you can urinate on a person then you need help of some kind. In all that time, this went on for so long because of the little girls race. Society does not think highly of young African American females anyway. They are at the bottom of the respect level. All said if she was any other race in the world R.Kelly would had been under the ground.

I was pretty sure that R.Kelly was going to get the boot.I believe that he should have.Ever since the case started i had a feeling he was guilty. I mean look at his background,he married Aliyah when she was well under age.He did the interview on BET saying that he is attracted to females what 19 years old! C'mon now a days it's really hard to tell the diffrence between a 19 year old and a 17 year old. So honestly i don't believe that this is the last we'll here of Kelly and his love for young girls. He only got off because he paid his way through it as so many celebrities do.

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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