Kelly superfans attended every day of trial

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"From the beginning, I thought he was innocent. I never had any doubt they would find him not guilty. And when they read the verdict, I wanted to scream, but I didn't. I had to control my happiness until I got outside."

That's from 23-year-old Keyonia Jones, one of the superfans profiled in an interesting piece from MTV News who attended the R. Kelly trial every day — who watched him make his entrance, who watched him go to lunch, who ran outside the building at the end of each day to watch him leave the courthouse. They left their children with sitters, they took time off work. All to stand by their man.

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This R. Kelly trial was crazy, I'm sure many people didnt think it would have ended that way. UrbanEye, with Big Lez recaps the trial, from her perspective. Very good summary to the trial.

All i can say is i hope that they give that much devotion to being good parents oh right they left their kids to follow a child-molester

Obviously they don't have jobs!

Kelly was found not guilty, not innocent. I believe he was one of the participants in the disputed video, but the FBI could not prove it, nor could they prove when it was made. If the best crime lab in the nation (if not the world) could not definitively say who the participants were, howcome this case even went to trial? What was on the minds of the Cook County State's Attorney?

My thought is not whether he was innocent or guilty thats one thing only he knows for sure if it didn't come out this time if this is part of his lifestyle it will happen again. However I am wondering how could someone with that kind of money hear that one of his fans that was so concerned about him was shouting for his release is now in jail doing time and has been for many days and he has yet to try to pay her bond? This is a person that was so emotional about him not serving time and he acts as though it doesn't concern him about her. I am sure some of his people has made him aware of this young lady's plight.

I believe that kelly was on the video, but if he goes down everyone involved should have gone down with him. Meaning that the young girl's aunt(Sparkle) should have been on trial as well. She knew first hand of what kelly was like. She was angry because he kicked her off his label. Ms pregnant from atl shoud have been ashamed to admit to the public she had a threesome with kelly and the youndg girl, what a tramp. I hope kelly learned his lesson and stop making music about the hotel lobby and make music that his kids wont be ashamed of. GROW UP KELLY YOU ARE 41 YEARS OLD.

Why should anyone feel any kind of sympathy for a fool who spent 34 days in jail for a fan who was screaming free R. Kelly. I would not have paid her bail if I was R. Kelly. I heard he was advised by his lawyers not to pay her bail because of the impression it would give. The parents of this girl should've been on trial along with R. Kelly. What kind of parent takes their child to a grown man's house to spend a night by herself. They were pimping their daughter and I hope that the money they received will ease their conscience and wash away their sins. They are trash and they need to be exposed on the cover of EVERY media outlet, 'The things trifling parents will do for money and fame.'

The fans are star-struck by this R.Kelly character. Pre-pubscent obsession of a R&B star. Its ridiculous to see them standing around the outside of the courthouse shouting their support for someone they don't even know; in hopes to get their 15 seconds of fame with all the photographers snapping pics. Give me a break!
Try doing something noble like getting a job, going to college or marching in protest about the war.

I hope that R. Kelly have learned his lesson and leave young girls alone. Being rich&famous doesnot eliminate people from having the identical sickness that a poor person would have. Friends and family members (mine included) should stop acceepting these grown men molesting young girls. I have a brother-in-law whose birthday is the same as R. Kelly...and that freak loves teenage girls too. I wouldn't buy a c.d. of R. Kelly's if it was the last c.d. available in the world.
I saw R. Kelly several years ago around a neighborhood high school he looked at me as if I should have recognized him...I could have cared less because my teenage daughter was not available to him at any cost!

It is difficult to come to this conclusion but the jurors in R. Kelly's trial made the right choice. When the victim of a crime chooses not to acknowledge their victimhoood, that creates a reasonable doubt. Any reasonable doubt makes it impossible to convict.

They don't have jobs.

What ELSE do you expect them to do???

Try to find a job?!?!!?!?!?!?


I believe this whole thing with R. kelly is dumb because it has been on and off all the time. They should get that evidence prove him guitly or nonguitly and figure their crap out!


"What ELSE do you expect them to do???

Try to find a job?!?!!?!?!?!?"

Black females are more likely to be employed than any other minority demographic in America, including white women. All of these females either had jobs or were in college, or both.

Poem for the R.

You were born into the 90's,
But every time we look we find thee,
Embroiled in court cases,
Because you can't turn down baby faces.
One moment you are serenading your mother,
The next moment you are blaming something on your brother.
One minute you are 'Steppin' In The Name Of Love',
The next minute you are crying out in confusion to God above.
Why the sexually explicits lyrics, why, why, why?
You have mastered that foundation.
Some people still believe you can fly,
But maybe you don't and that's why---
You prey on the weak.

I'm glad he beat this mess.she knew what she was doing and I did'nt see a gun to her head.she should have been at home instead of chasing grown men.If she was taught morals she would have said no thank u to start with.I don't blame him and I never have.I will support him no matter what. his personal life is not my business.who he is hittin is not my business either.I hope he moves on and continues to make good music and great concerts,and I will travel across the globe to get a glimps of him and cant wait till he comes back to the south with a great show.thats one sexy man and she got what she ask for.I'd like to have some myself so, move on R and stay positive.

This is a very sad Goverment when all they can seem to do is spend the taxpayers dollars on this type of garbage. The man was found not guilty so let it be this is the same goverment took damn near 5 long years and came up with nothing just give it a rest and move on. What they should be looking at all mess going on within the city and try to correct that big pile of crap.

gotta tell you that I do not think the "fans" took off work or left their kids with sitters. the fans probably don't have jobs and leave their kids alone. what a ridiculous waste of time to go to the trial of a celebrity. better use of time: get a job and take care of your kids.

i have to say that I disagree with mstkelly34 because the young lady in question has no problems, she didnt testify against she got her money and was cool! Tony G I am with you on that they are always spending tax dollars on BS and they had the nerves to give themselves a raise today. Aint that a bitch! We should vote all they asses out of there!

One more thing on R.Kelly my sister said the same thing about him that Diane said. She saw him at the cheesecake factory looking at you like you are suppose to bow down because of who he is! She said she just said hi like he was some regular joe and she stumbled over his words saying hi back like he expected her to be screamimg at the top of her lungs!

The criminal justice system proved once more that the "rich are different from you and me." Cartoon characters like OJ and Kelly can beat the rap with their resources. Kelly whimpered, "thank you Jesus" at each not guilty, but his salvation lay much closer, in the nearby defense lawyers that delayed the trial five years and saved his bacon.

This man was known to carry around a bag of pornographic tapes of various women of all ages and yet he is still an idol to many.. How sad! We wonder why we have all the killings and rapes that are going on but than we idolize someone like this. This guy belongs in jail along with OJ not out on the street making millions. He is a dog! It sure seems like if you have money and considered a minority such as OJ,Michael Jackson and R Kelly you get an automatic "Can do no wrong card"

This is so sad. He's a pedophile and I don't care how "talented" he is. And for those people who took a day off work and left their kids behind I gotta say GET A LIFE.

You know it won't be long before he's fondling another teenage girl.

The problem that I have with this entire case is unanswered questions concerning 1. Why was this teen in a room with a man? 2. Why the parents did not have a clue as to where there teenage child was all night? 3. Why did they take so long to report the incident? 4. What scheleton's are hanging around in tour closets that have not fallen out ? and last but not least 5. How long are we going to hold on to this Holier than Thou attitude that we can throw a rock and it may not be one aimed at our own head?

I think that this whole scandal is getting much more attention than it deserves. Why is everyone so intrested? If this was not a popular singer I don't think that anyone would even be paying attention to something that happen so many years ago. The girl in question did not even testify against him for whatever reasons. There are so many other important things going on that deserve our honest attention. All of this bad publicity has not did anything to his sales there are people that disagree with his actions but still go and buy his music. If you really think that he is guilty please stop supporting him in any way, shape or form.

well hinetsy i feel that robert kelly should be able to to press charges for be falsly accused this stated in 2002 it's now 2008 he has been going throgh this him and his family and this is nothing but a big mess a waste of him time and money to fught this case

Wow, I love how little people here understand the law. Just seeing the "She didn't view herself as a victim so it creates reasonable doubt" or the ever so priceless "Well, she was doing immoral things, why should he be punished!?"

Both are wrong. Honestly, are you joking when you say that? Her stupidity creates reasonable doubt how? Does it change her age so that it'd be legal to have sex with her? Her being an imbecile does not magically make statutory rape legal. If a 12 year old doesn't have a problem with being served alcohol does that magically make it okay to give them gin? No. It doesn't, and, regardless of whether Kelly really did have sex with her, that attitude is flat out idiotic and insulting to anyone with a functional brain.

And even if she did do those things does that mean Kelly is free of blame, again provided he really did do these things with her? No, he's an adult, as an adult he is obligated to know better.


Attorney Ed Genson got R Kelly off of his filmed soiree with a minor charges and is now making the same type of spectacular lies defense claims for Blago. Is this what you want for your kids? Genson also defended billionaire Conrad Black and beat some but not all of the charges. Those with big money can get away with it more and more because of BIG LIE lawyers like Genson. They are all disgusting pagan gangsters.

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R. Kelly on trial

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