Damon Pryor can testify, judge rules.

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One last delay this morning before Lisa Van Allen can take the stand. Prosecutor Shauna Boliker attempted to have Judge Gaughan ban Van Allen's ex-boyfriend Damon Pryor from testifying for the defense.

Pryor will allege that Van Allen stole R. Kelly's watch from a hotel room, Boliker said. Perhaps more importantly, Pryor will testify that Van Allen told him it isn't Kelly on the notorious sex tape at the center of the case, Boliker said. Pryor will also testify Van Allen told him that two men,"Chuck and Keith," made the tape, she added.

Urging Gaughan to exclude Pryor, Boliker said that anything he would testify to would be "rank hearsay," adding that Pryor had previously inserted himself at the last minute into a high-profile case in Georgia.

But Judge Gaughan ruled in Kelly's favor.

Pryor can testify, he said, because his testimony could impeach Van Allen. Whether Pryor is credible is "for the jury to decide," he added.

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