What bloggers are saying: Memorial Day weekend

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A week into R. Kelly's trial, there are already dozens of talking points for bloggers to mull.

Judge Gaughan's decision to jail Debra Triplett for allegedly yelling "Free R. Kelly!" has already attracted reader comments here on the Kelly Chronicles. Now Perez Hilton thinks Kelly should pay Triplett's legal fees.

Over at chicagoist, Marcus Gilmer has been comparing R. Kelly to Drew Peterson. Here's one difference Gilmer missed: Peterson hasn't released an R & B album. Yet.

But L.A. Weekly's Randall Roberts thinks the Kelly Chronicles staff planned to set its account of Sparkle's confrontation with Ed Genson to music, "Trapped in the Closet"-style. We didn't, honest.

Andy Grimm of the Post-Tribune has been looking into the background of hard-working prosecutor Shauna Boliker, and he's discovered she was a pom-pom girl and homecoming queen.

Finally, we've already looked at Kelly's "Little Man" defense, but now the technical experts at New York magazine have showed us just how Kelly's head could have been morphed onto another person's head.

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This case should be dismissed for the simply reason that everyone in the Metro Chicago area seems to be guilty. After reading and listing to all the people who have testified on seeing this tape and identifing the lady.It is quite interesting to heard how everyone in the local area never reported anything. All the witness have personal knowledge of abuse but never acted upon it. This is the primary reason every witness should be charged with everything that Mr. kelly is faced with. If all these thing are occuring and he is being invited into the school system then the board of education in Chicago is also quilty. But the biggest question is how can there be a crime if you have no victim.Is a murder committed if there is no body? I guess in Chicago a man/woman can be quilty of rape if he/she looks are dresses like each other. Does this mean that everyone in the 80's & 90's are Aarron Hall, R Kelly, Madonna, NSync, 98 Degrees, Brittney Spears, Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy? Is it true we all look like somebody are do we all look alike(Uh)? This is a joke. Who in the local area has not seen the video or know the people in the video? Chicago needs a hug and a prayer.
Who cares about the judge Birthday and the district attorney prom pictures. Is anybody taking this case seriously?

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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