Two more witnesses ID girl in tape

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It sounds like half of Oak Park had a copy of the alleged R. Kelly sex tape back in late 2001. Yesterday, witnesses told the jury how rumors and copies of the tape were circulating in the western suburb, dubbed by native son Ernest Hemingway "the land of broad lawns and narrow minds."

Two more witnesses — who both knew the alleged victim when she was growing up in Oak Park — testified this morning. Aubrey Hampton, 23, said she first met the girl in the tape when they were in elementary school. Later, they played basketball and went to high school together. In 2001 or 2002, Hampton saw a sex tape featuring Kelly and her friend, Hampton said.

Hampton recognized her by "her face, and like some of her mannerisms, and at one point, her voice."

"She looked pretty young, probably about 13 or 14," Hampton said.

Hampton also recognized Kelly in the tape. She had met the R&B star through her friend. And Kelly had attended a basketball game at Oak Park and River Forest High School, singing the national anthem there.

Earlier, Hampton's mother testified she discovered a copy of the sex tape in her daughter's bedroom back in 2001. The mother, Mary Kay Jerit, appeared extremely uncomfortable on the stand—as though she'd have rather been getting root canal than testifying.

That may be explained by the fact that she works for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Under cross-examination by defense lawyer Marc Martin, Jerit admitted that after finding the copy of the tape, she destroyed it instead of turning it over to police or notifying DCFS, her employer.

But Jerit also identified the girl in the tape as her daughter Aubrey's friend. And she identified Kelly as the man on the tape.

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I think that r kelly needs to sit his butt down somewhere because if he did do that to that girl then he is very wrong and needs to be locked up!!!

My comment on this situation is that all the rap stars does things like this. And girls lie about their ages all the time, pretending to be older than what they really are. I had a copy of the tape when it first came out and in the beginning there was an older woman getting oral sex,and that WAS NOT MR. ROBERT KELLY'S FACE!!! Then the tape went to the little girl who appeared to me to be 16, and she was not forced and was willing to look like an idiot on camera doing a little girl dance and she was instructed on where to stand and what to do as well. you could hear the undescribable man's voice in the background! I think someone like "SPARKLE" and one of her male friends are trying to set him up because he is a successful man and there is nothing they could do to stop him. Even if convicted he would still be successful in jail, but every dog has their day and KARMA will come back around on them.
THAT IS NOT ROBERT KELLY ON THAT TAPE! And as far as everyone else who says that it is.....look for the tape for yourself. I've been following him for years since he was with Public Announcement and I know him, his voice and everything that has to do with him. If it was him, I wouldn't be ashamed to down talk him but he could have any woman he wants so why would he want a young little girl and he has children himself?

YOU KNOW THATS R KELLY ON THAT TAPE. Whats your motive for lying. My whole neighborhood has seen the tape and its clearly him. Being able to have any woman you want has nothing to do with a fetish- ask Michael Jackson. Some black people are willing to defend other blacks to the extent of insanity. Our standards of what we will accept in our community are shameful but we want the world to respect us. The reason the tape was so popular and sold so well is that everybody knew it was him. Even though I wish it wasn't him it clearly is and its his house. According to your twisted logic and intruder look-a-like broke into his house and made a tape in a house that looked exactly like his. I know women (oops kids) that have been there its his house.

Mz. Brand New you are a fool!
Just because you've been "following" his him and his music does not mean that you know him everytime you see him.
I happen to know for a FACT that it is him and the girl is underage.

Why are black woman so quick to jump to his defense?

Not only did he take advantage of the girl on the tape but don’t forget his past. He’s had several other civil suits that he settled by paying the victims and don’t forget about his first victim (that we know of) Aliyah. When her parents found out that he convinced her to marry him they yanked her right out of his control. I pray that the jury finds him guilty and that he serves time and gets help because he truly has a problem.

What an idiot.

He was in his house...

His head on his body...

The girl clearly recognizable by friends and family....

The human eye sees motion at 32 feet per second, a video camera is moving faster than that. Do you realize how long it would take just to doctor 25 seconds of moving film so that it looks R. Kelly?

At least R. Kelly can get a job pimping Mr. Brand New since he doesn't mind what he has done here and is blaming this on a CHILD... Considering the durb job you doing for Kelly, you two should be happy together

R Kelly is a has-been who needs to crawl back under the rock where he belongs!

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R. Kelly on trial

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