Two more potential jurors questioned

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Judge Vincent Gaughan and lawyers questioned two more potential jurors in the R. Kelly child pornography case this morning— a 20-something woman who wants to be a cop and an older, self-employed man.

THe first potential juror is a white woman who is a college student studying criminal justice. Her father works as a security guard, as does her boyfriend, who is also studying criminal justice.

Asked her views of the criminal justice system, the woman said, "I like it and think it is a fair system when done properly, and I will always do my best to insure it is."

The woman said she knew nothing about the R. Kelly case — except that Kelly is a singer who had been arrested. She said she barely knew his music, just the "very old stuff."

A possible scheduling conflict arose, since the woman has a final exam next Monday. Defense lawyer Ed Genson asked the judge if her schedule could be accomodated, and was told it could. Both sides seemed to want the woman on the jury.

Next came a white man with a white beard who appeared to be in his 60s. He is self-employed, repairing control systems on printing presses. He has a job starting May 19, and said serving on this jury would be a financial hardship.

The man served four years in the Navy and is active in the American Legion, as is Judge Gaughan.

Asked his opinion of the justice system, the man said, "It works." He said he did not think people with money were treated differently by the justice system — placing him in the minority so far among potential jurors in this case.

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