Three more jurors questioned.

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Three more potential jurors have been screened, though it seems unlikely that any will make the jury.

The first was a doctor, who has four seperate practices, including UIC hospital. White, in his 50s and a cancer and sickle cell specialist, he said he expected to treat 60-70 patients in just two days next week.

The doctor said he was aware of Friday's Sun-Times story, detailing how a Kelly allegedly paid of a key witness.

He also said he had some issues with the Alton Logan case (in which a man apparently spent 26 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit), saying he thought the attorney-client relationship should not be used to conceal crucial evidence.

He reads the New York Post, he said, describing the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid as "underrated," but blushing when questioned about it by Judge Gaughan.

An Asian cook who speaks little English was then quickly excused after giving a series of yes/no answers to Gaughan's questions.

Finally, a white male in his early 40s who recently lost a job was excused after only five minutes of questioning. The man said he was the sole breadwinner in his family and that he needed to find a new job by June. His wife has MS, he said.

He was excused after defense attorney Ed Genson whispered something in Judge Gaughan's ear. Earlier, the attorneys had discussed whether a prior conviction for not wearing a helmet in California should prevent the man from serving.

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This man should go to jail. There should be no preference because he is someone famous and has money.

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