Niles cops are getting younger, dumber

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Six hours into today's jury selection, not one juror has been picked to join the eight jurors selected Monday and Tuesday.

But the session has not been without incident. One young Niles cop in the jury pool gave such disturbing answers in his jury questionnaire that Judge Gaughan called him in for a humiliating interview, even though he had no chance of being selected to serve.

"I'm upset about these answers," Gaughan said, deciding to give the cop - a lanky teen - "a little bit of torture" in front of Kelly and both sets of attorneys.

The judge added, "He took an oath to uphold the constitution - I don't know what constitution he's talking about."

The answers that upset the judge included one in which the rookie cop said he would struggle to give Kelly a fair trial "due to my occupation."

"I just think, coming from law enforcement, we go out and and investigate crime and bring them to court," he attempted to explain.

Gaughan warned him, "To a lay person reading that, you would be unfair. If that was a confession, you'd be eaten in a courtroom."

Referring to the questionnaire the cop had filled out, Gaughan added, "These things are memorialized forever."

But the cop still wasn't done. Another answer he gave was even more damning. He wrote, "My opinion is that the states attorneys have a good case and that the defendant committed these offenses."

Gaughan winked at him as he was excused.

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I'm skeptical that Niles hired a "lanky teen" as a police officer.

It's clear there are many people are giving answers which will disqualify them from serving.

janssen is the king of courtroom comedy.
wait, why is this a sun times blog? the bright one isn't funny.

I applaude this officer for speaking his mind and giving a truthful answer, something most people are too afraid to do these days. I guess what they were looking for is a cookie cutter answer to make their job easier.

Geez...I would have thought this conversation in the courtroom would have been confidential.... So I guess the rights of the criminal (pedifile) are more highly regarded than the privacy rights of a potential juror...and a Police Officer at that. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. Shame on that judge!

And this is news worthy because? Some judge decides he wants to be the big man here and cut someone down and it needs to be publicized.........

The person who wrote this article must be an R. Kelly fan...need I say more. Look in the mirror before calling someone else dumb.

The Officer gave the answers most of us would love to give in that same situation but wouldn't have the guts to do so. Bravo! Guess honesty isn't appreciated, and if that is the case, what does that say about our legal system? Nice to know there's at least one honest person left in this world. Thank goodness he's one of the good guys.

I believe that there should be more people that speak the truth about what they feel. First of all R Kelly is guilty as sin and I hope that he gets life in prison. Second to the reporter, those questoniers are supposed to be confidential and since you posted this publicly, you are subject for a lawsuit as well as the Cook County courts system for letting this get out to the public. I hope the reporter gets sued and looses their job for this.

Mike - you're right that the questionnaires are under seal, but the potential jurors were questioned by Judge Gaughan in open court. Gaughan read out the answers referred to above in open court, so they're no longer confidential.

funny- my understanding is the jury pool is confidencial and would not be referred to by this yougmans name or occupation . You(the press) are what taints the court system and corrupts the potential jury pool. i'd love to know your source,seeing this is a closed courtroom.

Again - jury selection was held in open court. If you read reports of the jury selection process, you'll see that most of the jurors were identified by their occupation.

Who does this judge think he is? yer honor how bout yer ass! and this reporter also.Someone should find out what favors shes doin for this judge to get this kind of info???? so much for confidentil huh!

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