Mystery witness refuses to give his social security number

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Damon Pryor -- the mystery witness dramatically flown in from out of state last night by R. Kelly's attorneys -- has refused to give his social security number to the prosecution, further delaying the testimony of a potentially crucial state's witness.

Defense attorneys hope the mystery witness can cast doubt on the story of an Atlanta woman, due to testify today that she participated in three-way sex with Kelly and the alleged victim in this case.

The Atlanta woman's evidence could be crucial, since no other prosecution witness is expected to testify that they actually saw Kelly and the girl have sex first-hand.

She's also expected to testify that Kelly's aides attempted to pay her off to keep her from testifying.

Kelly's attorneys have battled for nearly two months to keep her from testifying and to limit what she can testify to if she does take the stand. Twice already this week she has been due to testify, only to see her testimony delayed by defense motions.

The mystery witness who could undermine her was quizzed by Kelly's attorneys last night, but prosecutor Robert Heilingoetter this morning told Judge Gaughan that he needed more time to finish questioning the man. The mystery witness had refused to give prosecutors his social security number Heilingoetter said. Without it, the state can't confirm that he is who he says he is.

Judge Gaughan told Heilingoetter, "If he doesn't give you his social security number, he's going to be in major trouble. All right?"

The problems with the mystery witness mean the Atlanta woman will not testify until this afternoon, at the earliest. A detective and an FBI agent are set to testify this morning, instead.

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I wish they would just lock this pervert up already, he's been molesting kids for years and getting away with it because of his fame

just mad he don't want you

i feel that he should not be held accountable because now a days these young women are lying about their age and if the young lady is constantly saying that it is not her in the video why is he being charged and i feel if she lied to get close to him and he gave her what she wanted and it was not what she expected it is not

Courtney you have got to be kidding me right? You feel that this man who was an adult at the time of the alleged incident should not be held accountable for his mess simply because he was supposedly tricked? See now this is the mentality that allows other people to not take us as African Americans seriously.

He is being charged because what he did was a crime, regardless if she says it is not her. If that were your daughter would you feel this way? Or would you be trying to bleed him for money?

The idea that she "tricked" him is a cop out. regardless of if she did or not, it does not excuse him. The age of consent in Illinois is 17, not 14, not 15 or 16 it is 17. It is a crime for a grown a** man to have sex with a girl under the age of 17. It is a lack of morals and home training that make a man have sex with a girl of 17. Either way he is as wrong as two left shoes and he has to pay for it by forfeiting his freedom.

And his "Little Man" theory, the tech for that did not exist at the time of this tape. So he might wanna think about getting counsel that actually has a better idea in terms of defense.

The mere fact that the new "surprise" defense witness doesn't want to give his social security number is a sign that his testimony is flawed and that he can't testify to anything factual.

The prosecutors have a right to verify who this fool is. If they didn't then everyone on this blog site would be allowed to testify in R. Kellys favor & vice versa.

As for the defense attorneys I think they're scared and probably made huge promises to their client.

Rest assured...Mr. Kelly's case falls on the videotape and nothing more. Defecating & urinating on a young child is a crime and his face (based on what others have told me) is his on that tape.

It appears that he has a sick twisted fantasy of having sex with anything under the age of 16. Not to mention a fettish with human fecal matter being dumped on a female.

In the sane & humane world we called that perverted, psychotic, and the signs of a very sick person.

Mr. Kelly isn't troubled by seeing a person on a video that "looks like him"...he is troubled because that IS him on the video and now he is ashamed to be in the presence of the judge and jury.

I hope they convict this trash pile, and show young kids that the rich and famous have to abide by the laws of the land as well.

He married Aaliyah, who he had known since she was 12 yrs old, when she was only 15 yrs old and he was 24 years old. He is a pervert who prefers young girls. I hope the jury gets this right and locks this perv up for a long time.

The fact is -- it looks like he is paying off witnesses. That isn't fair and it isn't justice. Why should the rich get away with their crimes, while the poor are sent away?

He's a pedophile -- a sex offender -- pure and simple.

And you know what-- to those doubting that he didn't know that the girl in this case was 14 yrs old -- give me a break already. First of all, ADULTS are the ones who are required by law to make sure they are not breaking it, which means you should ID your sexual conquests befor engaging in sex acts with them. If they lie about their age -- legally, YOU are still the one responsible criminally. And that is the way it should be; otherwise, every pervert that molests a teen can just pull out the ignorance card and claim they had NO clue the girl/boy was underage.

It doesn't work that way. He has escaped justice for way too long - maybe had he not been released on bond, he would have wanted his trial to be heard quicker -- this case is 6 years in the making.. LOCK THIS PERV UP! He likes to urinate on his sexual conquests, too... he's a sicko freak!

R.Kelly is guilty and my prayer is that the jury will put him away where he should be.

Has it occured to you that this Damon Pryor is being paid by R to testify against the girl who had the threesome?

They already gave her a lie detector test to see if her story was true and guess what?? She passed. So I say give Mr. Pryor the same test and see if he passes. Why doesn't he want to give the prosecution his social number? I'm sure they'll dig into his past and his supposed credibility will be thrown out of the window.

The defense is just trying to delay the testimony of the young lady but that's o.k. because the truth is going to come out.

Matter of fact the video testimony yesterday was the most explosive because they proved that there is a mole on his back and the tape was not altered. Now what??????????

I, too, believe this is another delay tactic by the defense because this woman's testimony is explosive. There is a rumor this guy is supposed to say it is him on the tape that she handed over to Kelly's "people". Give me a break!!! Because this trial has been delayed so long it has given Kelly and his defense the opportunity to conjur up nonsensical stories and objections. First, the mole on Kelly's back was not on the tape. REFUTED!! A videotape expert shut that RIGHT down!!! The defense has made a terrible mistake by bringing this "mystery witness" into play because, one, he won't give his SSN because he has a record and it could damage his credibility (which the defense probably knew..delay tactic!!) and two, the expert that took the stand damaged their defense and their credibility even more. Great job Sam Adams, Jr!!!!


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