MTV Cribs: R. Kelly trial edition

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Pepe Le Pew in "Space Jam."

Two more witnesses identified the alleged victim and R. Kelly as being on the tape at the center of the case this morning.

Raven Gengler, a school friend who played basketball with the alleged victim, and Tjada Burnett, a friend of the alleged victim's family, became the ninth and tenth prosecution witnesses to make those claims.

Burnett described the alleged victim's haircut in the tape as a "bob." Other witnesses have described it as a mullet.

But perhaps the most memorable moment this morning came when prosecutors showed the jury photos from inside Kelly's former home, providing us with an MTV Cribs-style look at the star's tastes in home decor.

The photos, taken by State's Attorney's investigator Alexandra Guerrero, showed a mural next to a basketball court at the home.

Based on the movie, "Space Jam," the mural shows Kelly playing one-on-one hoops with the Tazmanian Devil, while Michael Jordan referees. Kelly, wearing shades and a number 13 jersey, is shown wrestling Taz for the ball.

A scoreboard shows Kelly is leading 95 - 93 with one second to go while Looney Tunes characters -- including Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, and Bugs Bunny -- cheer him on. Foghorn Leghorn is holding a sign reading "Go R. Kelly!" while another character supports Taz.

Pepe Le Pew can be seen in profile romancing a busty woman in the background.

At one point while the photos were being shown to the jury on a large screen, defense attorney Ed Genson corrected Guerrero's description of the characters in the mural as Disney characters.

"There's Porky Pig!," he said.

Judge Gaughan urged prosecutor Robert Heilingoetter to move on.

Kelly's best-known hit, "I Believe I Can Fly," was on the soundtrack to "Space Jam" and he is known as a keen basketball fan.

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Hang in there, Kels.....Whatever happens, stay truthful about everything.


Hey Kelly. Stay strong and keep your head up. I hate that this has happen to you and I pray that God will see you through.

You'd think that after all the stuff we've heard about this man, people would have a little more sense than to cheer him on. While many of the black community are out there cheering Obama, a respectful man, Harvard grad, who respects the women in the world, some of us are still stuck praising this Kelly low-life. Have we lost all sense of what is right and wrong? And, by the way, if you think that by supporting Kelly you are standing by the black community, remember that when it's time to urinate on and degrage women, he always choses black ones, he wouldn't dare do that to a white woman. Doesn't that show you what he really thinks of the black community? Wake up, folks, in 2008, there is no reason to cheer this type of behaviour.

While are all you people hating on this man, and the young lady? It's like this if it was one of your family members you would want to see justice done, and on the other hand you would also want them to have a fair trial. I myself agree wrong is wrong. If the did the crime he must do the time. But the man is innocent until proven guilty. AS for Ms.Sparkle you are wrong too, you should have went straight to police and not to suntime, a lawer or whoever. As for Robert Kelly Keep Your HEAD UP. Remember GOD HAS A PLAN FOR U. IT might Not BE what you want, but in the end he will make a way for you. A Former Fan of R.Kelly.

People please stop jugging this man and this young woman. Remeber your day of judgement is comming. This man is innocent until proven guilty. If the did the crime then he must do the time. Think if it was your daughter or your son, you wouid want him or her to have a fair trial, and you would on the other hand want to see justice served, so I say let God be the judge in this case cause he knows who are in this video and I sure he has his part in all of this. To all these haters quit hating and let the jury do ther job. Robert hang in there and seek god First and he then will order your steps. Young lady hang in there as well, and carry your self as a lady, and forget what them haters or saying.

I assume the well wishes are from young people who think because of R.Kelly's celebrity status he's exempt from acting morally orlegally.I've read some of the most ridiculous comments. R.Kelly's a pedophile and if it happened to my daughter/son I'd want justice. The girl's parents should be trialed next if R.Kelly paid for thier silent.

People lie, videotapes dont.

Waiting on the guilty verdict which this historically known pedophile deserves.

-A Former Fan

Robert Kelly is a very very mentally sick man. He deserves to be penalized and punished for this unjust act...that mirrors every bit of molestation. What he did to the young lady is no different than what attackers do to rape's impossible to justify this horrific act by alledging it was consensual because the young lady was very young and young equals highly impressionable.

If he was not a black man...I believe very few in the black race would support this "epitome of disgust." He needs help...and cutting him a break would be synonymous to cutting a rapist a break, a murderer a break, a thief a break, a stick-up kid a break...why do I say this?

Because "A sin is a Sin."

R kelly is not guilty on all counts

Grandma said - "Things done in the dark, always come to the light"
After 6 yrs - FINALLY - R Kelly's dirt is coming out.

How people can defend this and his actions is just wrong.

We all know R Kelly is a pervert - yet some folks still buy his records. Molesting someones little girl is low down. (For $100 - this is why Moma said don't take money or candy from strangers - in this case - dirty "Uncle Robert") YUK!

Pull ths plug.... we all know he did it.

The credit card commercials have the right idea when they say somethings are priceless. I would think most parents would say their children are priceless, (along with their well being). The parents and the family that were paid to remain silent, (if that's true), are giving this monster the ok to do this to other young girls if he is set free. Alliyah was only 14/15 when he married her. He won't change. The family did nothing while this man repeatedly did this to this child, (according to the tape she looked as though it wasn't her first time). I guess money can buy anything...sad

R. Kelly is undeniably sick. He has a track record of sleeping with underaged girls because of his marriage to then 15 year old Aaliyah, so for him to say that he was not the man in the videotape is very hard to believe. Its bad enough of him sleeping with young girls, but to videotape the whole ordeal was extremely stupid. I don't understand why people are cheering him on and making him look like some kind of hero, when its clear that he's a pedophilic pervert. I don't care how many songs he wrote, or how well he can sing, he needs to face the music and be prepared to get whats coming to him.

If that was my daughter the headlines would not read "R Kelly trial starts today." It would read "R Kelly Murdered and dismantled by mother." Enough Said!!!

It's sad that people can't see him for what he really is...and that's SICK!!! For the young lady and her parents, I pray for them. I pray that God will open their eyes and convict them in their spirit, so they will do what they know is right, and tell the truth. No amount of money is worth my child's innocence. He couldn't pay me enough money to keep me quite!

stop the madness let go,let god have his way.

Licia B and akcharisse I read your comments that you posted when a person is sick, what do you do? you get them help, those girl don't need your prayer they need whippings, they had no right having there hot behinds in that situation in the first place he did not rape those girl or even force them they were old enough to know right from wrong and they choosed wrong, that is why we as parent need to educate our children and teach them the real ways of the world. Why would we send our kids out into the world uneducated and get mad when someone writes DUMMY on there forehead.

Do you people realize that this is a grown-azz man with a Looney Tunes mural in his house? He had to have been at least 30 years old when he had his place tricked out with Foghorn Leghorn's words of encouragement. Whether or not he's a pedophile, the Space Jam mural proves that he clearly has a mental problem. The guy's a millionaire and he spends his money on self-aggrandizing Space Jam art. This is crazy.

The man was molested when he was a kid by an old man around the way. When will chicago & his fans wake up!!?

R. Kelly can repent and ask God to forgive him, and if he is godly sorrowful for the sin that he has committed, yes, God will forgive him; "but" there are consequences that he will have to pay! The New International Bible Version of Galatians 6:7 & 8 says: Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will "reap destruction"; the one who sows to please the Holy Spirit, from the Holy Spirit will "reap eternal life".
God is talking to you R. Kelly, Can't You Hear Him NOW?. It's time for R. Kelly to submit and whole heartedly give his life over to Jesus Christ and win souls to the Kingdom God. Only what he do for Christ will last forever and always! God loves you "but" not your sin, and He is waiting on you to give Him your full attention now.

the man make great music and people forget god forgives everyone but i forgot we talking about man right!so don't act like o.j.and r-kelly the only two who have cimmited a crime their's others o.k..

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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