Most likely to prosecute R. Kelly for child porn

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The Post-Tribune previously revealed that the lead prosecutor pursuing R. Kelly was a high school homecoming queen and a pom-pom girl. Now we have the pictures to prove it!


Here Shauna Boliker is being crowned Homecoming Queen for 1977 at Andrean High School in Merrillville, Indiana. Luckily, Boliker's fellow prosecutor Robert Heilingoetter has better taste in suits than her hirsute King.

And click here to see Boliker star again in the 1977 Andrean yearbook as she captains the school's "Ninerettes" troupe.

A fuller account of Boliker's achievements in the intervening three decades is contained in this article.

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It's obvious he's being railroaded by various vendictive haters. I personally am praying for him and that his enemies be dealt with accordingly. I previously asked God to make him a mouth piece for him and those that try to deter his mission will come to realize their own fate as well. I've watched and heard him from afar and believe that God's will for him is greater than all negativity.

Deborah Croft,

There ain't that much hate in the can you ignore all the negative history he has for being involved with underaged girls. Ain't nobody setting him up or railroading him. If anything he's so sick he hates himself. Otherwise why would be keep messing with little girls. Look at how many sexual related lawsuits he has settled, come on, being a fan is one thing, but it's just plain stupid to think he's not guilty. Would you let him babysit your little girl???? You probably would since you think he's innocent, huh? The man is a sex addict with a preference for little girls. As one believier to need to use your time with GOD more wisely...because RKelly don't need your type of prayers against his enemies he needs divine intervention to stop his pedaphilia!!!

I have seen the tape myself, and personally i dont think that's him in the video. That is somebody else peeing on that little girl

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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