Mike Roman and the Tellstars crash Kelly trial

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R. Kelly seized his opportunity early, dropping out of high school to concentrate on his music career.

Attorney Mike Roman's
chance for musical fame came later in life, this morning in room 500 of the Cook County criminal courts. Spotting that Judge Gaughan, Kelly's attorneys and the prosecutors were all in the judge's chambers, leaving Kelly alone in the courtroom with a handful of reporters, Roman pounced.

Bravely ignoring — or blissfully unaware of — Judge Gaughan's strict rules against anyone uninvolved in the case speaking with Kelly, Roman walked over to the star as he sat unguarded at the defense's table.

Roman tried to force a copy of his band's CD on Kelly, but Kelly politely declined.

When courtroom deputies spotted Roman and Kelly chatting, they marched Roman from the building.

"I'm a lawyer and a musician!", Roman protested as he was led away.

According to Roman's manager, Bill Byerley, Mike Roman and the Tellstars will be playing at the Taste of Chicago this Year.

"Mike grew up with music and he's very passionate about it," Byerley said.

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All i can say on this is Way to go Mike aren't lawyers great.

Love ya.

One good thing about this trial R.Kelly cant get Johnnie Cochran and the "dream Team"to help him slip back into the closet . Sad sad sad and where was the victims mother in all this did she take some money and run when does her trial start and the female that proudly said she was in 3 way with him what about her trial and has her child been removed from her custody? No wonder he made all those sex songs he is a sick,sick,little man

I saw Mike Roman and the Telstars perform at a college dance at UICC (UIC) in 1969. They were great then and I'm sure even better now. You could close you eyes and swear it was Santana playing. Keep it up Mike!!!
Jim White

If you believe Roman's conduct would tend to bring the legal profession into disrepute, you can file a complaint with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, www.iardc.org.

way to go mike!!!!!hey, let me play with you guys?just to pissssss, my brother rick off!mike knows i can sing to! lol. you the man! brass balls mike!

Hey Mike ....Keep my Little brother with you Mykal "Bongo Boon" Aldana ....Dont hire Rob !!...He'll just try to Hog the show !!....He already hates the real talented brothers in the Family !!.....Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Drinks too much Hateraide !!

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R. Kelly on trial

The story of the allegations against R. Kelly started here in the Sun-Times. Almost six years later, it's now finally reached a trial.

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