Judge takes shine to Air Force vet

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Judge Gaughan is a proud Army veteran and he seemed impressed by a potential juror with an Air Force background this morning.

The potential juror, a bearded white man who appeared to be in his early 60s, and who now works for Enterprise rent-a-car, told Gaughan he had served in Da Nang.

The judge joked, "You never went anywhere that didn't have air conditioning or hot water."

The juror said he had suffered from colon cancer 22 years ago, and that he had a colonoscopy scheduled for next month.

Gaughan told him, "We would never do anything to jeapordize your health, but we'd like you to reschedule if possible."

Although the man indicated that he'd prefer not to be on the jury, Gaughan responded, "You learn from the military that you don't volunteer for anything."

Gaughan appeared less impressed by an older Asian-American woman who said health problems would make it hard for her to serve on the jury. The woman, an operation room nurse, was well enough to be trusted in life and death situations, the judge noted.

No jurors have yet been confirmed today.

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