Is Kelly's brother going to testify — against him?

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That's today's report from the SOHH hip-hop blog, sharing a tip from an anonymous source claiming that Carey "Killa" Kelly — Robert's younger brother — will testify in the trial, asserting that Robert offered Carey a bribe to say that it's Carey pictured in the trial's centerpiece video, not Robert.

"He also has told several people in the Chi over the years," says the blog's source, "... that he has dirt on Kelly going way back."

8-13 Lachat cary kelly 2.jpg
Carey Kelly, younger brother of R. Kelly, pictured in 2002. (Sun-Times file)

This would be the same Carey Kelly who told the Sun-Times: "And I say to America, the criminal justice system: If you let that nigger off, he's going to do it again, trust me. I bet my life on it."

Some background...

Excerpted from an R. Kelly concert preview report by the Sun-Times' Jim DeRogatis and Abdon M. Pallasch on April 23, 2006:

"Perhaps most troubling of all is a new interview in the premiere edition of Dhrama, a DVD magazine about hip-hop and R&B that has been available via the Internet since February. In the lengthy interview, Carey 'Killa' Kelly claims his older brother offered him a bribe to lie in court, implying he was asked to claim that he was the man on the videotape, not R. Kelly.
" 'I got a call a year, year and a half ago from my older brother who wanted me to do some s--- pertaining to this case that was going to leave me behind bars,' Carey Kelly says on the DVD. 'I turned it down. The nigga offered me $50,000, a bull---- record deal and a house to lie, to perjure myself in a court of law, and I felt this s--- wasn't worth it.'
"Carey Kelly goes on to accuse his brother Robert of chronicling his real-life obsession with underage sex in songs such as 'Age Ain't Nothing But a Number,' the hit he wrote for Aaliyah, the female protege R. Kelly illegally wed in 1994, when she was 15. The marriage was annulled a short time later.
" 'He's been telling people, "I've got a problem, because if I love this girl and she's 12, that's all that matters," ' Carey Kelly says. 'He's been saying it in his songs, and that's what makes him the genius that he is. He speaks s--- that other motherf-----s who are on his level can relate to. And I say to America, the criminal justice system: If you let that nigger off, he's going to do it again, trust me. I bet my life on it.'
"By his own admission, in the Dhrama interview and others, Carey Kelly has battled drugs and spent time living on the streets, and he resents his superstar brother for failing to help him launch a musical career of his own. Carey's manager did not respond to numerous requests for an interview with his client.
" 'This is not the first time Carey has made ridiculous accusations against his brother,' [Kelly spokesman Allan] Mayer said of the DVD. 'We're not going to dignify them with a comment.'
"Prosecutors have been in contact with Carey, but they declined to say if he will be called as a witness."

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